02 April 2011

3 Tips to Get in Shape for the Summer Bikini Season

Today I am sharing with you three quick tips to boost weight loss so that you reach run the summer time in the form of strike. So let's get right to the forward.) Discard the fat on your belly fast by the formation of cardio interval fast pace. What I mean is, boost your heart rate for a period of rapid and then to drop, repeating several times. I suggest to get your heart rate up to 85-90% of your maximum heart rate, and then drop to 50%. As soon as your frequency heart gets back up to 50% get it back up to 85-90%. Repeat intervals providing heart rate way up and then drop. You confuse your nervous system and transform combustion cardio fat high voltage of your training workout.2.) Eat lots of fat! Yes, I said... Eat lots of fat. What I mean is to eat tons of fat in good health, those in the forms of Omega-3, 6 and 9. s not fast food, please! These good fats will actually help you burn the bad fats and are very good for losing weight. I recommend the intake of 30 grams per day. These healthy fats are found in almonds, avocados, nuts, flax seed, salmon, the Brazil nuts and fish oil supplements to name a few.3.) Step away from the ab crunches! Last point fast to really make you fat and looks at tonic and great in your swimsuit, is to shed muscle exercises isolated by the window. That make isolated muscle exercises, I want to say? I mean the biceps curl, crunches ab curls, raised veal, etc. Exercises that target only a muscle group when performed, those who are isolated muscle exercises. To really boost your body's metabolic rate and ramp up your fat loss red line is to incorporate complex muscle exercises in your routine. What do mean by complex muscle exercises? Complex exercises are those working several different muscle groups in the movement of the exercise.For example, a big heart training that works your legs and the upper part of the body indirectly is the "right-to-leg dead-lift" this exercise, when done properly, works your legs, butt, lower back, abs, and shoulders. Now, it's many groups of muscles for movement. You see how you are hitting a ton of birds with one stone, instead of one? Isolate a muscle group at a time is a great loss of time and leaves a lot of sedentary muscles. Some examples of large complex exercises involved several different muscles in the movement: plates, front squats, fresh overhead squats, clean and press, bell kettle swings, slams medicine ball, jump squats and lunges marchers to name a few. These exercises are my clients and my favorites Favorites and we are seeing exceptional results.Remember, summer is just around the corner and it is not too late to get this boosts body. If you start incorporating these three quick and simple tips, you'll be well on your sexy search path this summer.