21 April 2011

4 Essential Steps for Acne Free Treatment

In this article, I will share with you 4 steps are necessary for any effective acne free treatment. Each of these 4 steps is against one of the most well-known causes of acne. The result is your skin smooth and healthy appearance. A lot of acne suffers (myself included) who follow these 4 steps was impressed by the efficiency and the soft effect on the skin. I hope that you enjoy these info, too.Personally, I used to have a lot of acne on my face. These acne I was losing confidence in the interaction with other people and created a constant depression. To treat these acne, I have spent considerable money and effort to find the right solution for me. After some time, I discovered that all the treatments available on the market, be it a session e-book, cream or treatment with a doctor, they are really similar and can be adapted in 4 steps that I will share with you below.So, here are the 4 steps.Step 1: Unclogs Pores & SkinWash renews your face on a daily basis using a Glycerin base or Sorbitol based SOAP. Most soaps and washes on the market cannot avoid drying or irritating the skin while removing all oils. Some even know left a waxy feeling indeed block the pores and cause to the risk of acne, especially in areas such as T-Zone (average Front nose and Chin). Glycerine and Sorbitol SOAP base can help clean up oil on the face without creating the sensation of drying or skin polisher, which is necessary for free following acne of the stages of treatment.Step 2: SkinThis your tone is often neglected during your face daily washing process. But the toner can actually wipe away the excess oil which the soap is not able to delete. In addition, toner can neutralize and kill bacteria forming substances that cause acne. It is therefore a crucial step for any free treatment of acne. To effectively use the toner, follow the simple steps below. First of all, clean the hands with antibacterial soap. Second, wetting a ball of cotton with the toner till it is skated. Third, apply the cotton ball on your face from Chin and go to the top. The above 3 steps systematically after your washing of the face (including your neck) and you will feel the difference after a certain time.Step 3: Apply MedicationCleaning and tone your skin on a daily basis is to prevent acne happening as much as possible. They also are the necessary steps to prepare your skin for your existing acne medicines. As we know, acne is a problem of skin due to the pores clogged with oil. It has need of particular attention, as any other health problem. There are a few solutions of medication acne and products out there - acne creams e.g. which can be applied to the skin with Acne to delete or prevent inflammation developed of the acne scars. There are also programs of treatment available in markets such as chemical peel, dermabrasion or laser skin treatment. According to the conditions of your skin with acne, you must choose the treatments which are suitable for yourself. If you are unsure, consult your doctor for the suggestion. Personally, I will recommend program "Acne free in 3 days" by Chris Gibson. I have personally tried and found really effective - it's a free acne that you can see the effects in 3 days only.Step 4: Cut sugars. Get plenty of vitamin c & WaterWhile all 3 above steps may give you an instant improvement of the State of the skin, they are reactive treatments. For effects in the long term, you must be proactive. You are what you eat. Any treatment of free acne that does not include a scheme to adjust the structure of your meal is not an effective treatment. It could have effects in the short term, but it is not a solution to your acne problem. The good news is that this is really not rocket science. What you need to do is simply reduce your consumption of sugar, drink plenty of water (detoxification) and take vitamin C (a key element to the process of skin repair). But you need to do so on a consistent basis - actually do it properly in 3 days, you'll see effects - as we say in the book of "Acne free in 3 days" Chris Gibson.Pour all free treatment effective against acnethe 4 steps above have proven useful. Clean, tone your skin while prevent acne and prepare your skin for meditation. Change the structure of your meal as reducing your consumption of sugar