21 April 2011

Acne Scars: How to Get Rid of Them Naturally

The methods are: Olive oil and Jojoba oil; the first section will be on olive oil and the second subject Jojoba Oil.How of Olive oil to use for deleting these skin problems1 - see list of ingredients below with the right amounts. Place the extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice in a bowl and mix them. Leave the mixture in the bowl.2 - clean your face with a product without oil. dry your face a little (not to leave too dry); hand washing, drying and soak your fingers in the mixture of already disposed of olive oil and lemon juice and apply on the affected areas, massage into the skin. Leave on during 20 minutes and rinse all off with warm water. Item 1 and 2 are to do at any time during the day, avoid the application of makeup immediately (leave the skin to breathe for a while). -in prior to lie: would leave repeat 2 steps above, but in this case, no rinse mixture off the coast of your skin, but rather it on throughout the night and rinse course on in the morning. Applications of night are essential because it is the night that the skin repairs itself most (actually, the whole of your body).Do the daily above, be patient, given that the skin needs time to heal itself. Don't expect miracle results, on the day the day but keep doing so every day. -Another method is to add baking soda mixture in the Bowl (see the amounts indicated below), with or without lemon juice. The mixture will become a facial paste that will function as a natural facial scrub to apply and leave for a minute, be rinsed in warm water off the coast. This method of "facial scrub" is repeated on 3 times per week.Ingredients: olive oil 1/4 TSP - better if extra viergejus of 1/8 TSP to citronle soda 2 v. soupe1 tbsp oil to oliveComment use Jojoba oil for this and other skin problems.Jojoba oil has many advantages, and some of them are very useful for the treatment of this specific skin condition.It is derived from jojoba plant, which produces a golden, liquid wax "oil", used externally to treat a number of skin diseases as well as scars such as psoriasis, eczema, burn sun, wrinkles, stretch marks and even arthritis. All skin types can use, although people with sensitive skin or skin that shows often allergic reactions to a number of products should consult their physician before attempting it or at least to a small "test" on a small area to see if their skin reacts.Jojoba oil has the property of soothe and moisturize the skin and to restore the skin to a healthy pH balance. This allows the skin repair itself a series of "trauma" and the injuries of the skin.When you purchase Jojoba oil, read the instructions and apply on the skin, according to the guidelines. It can be used by itself, or it may be the main ingredients in a general moisturizer or cream of healing.