21 April 2011

Adult Acne - Understanding the Reasons

People who thought that acne would disappear after adolescence could not have been worse as acne continues to plague adults and adolescents. Although there are many products on the market acne skin care, adult acne is still not completely curable for a large number of people. The main problem in the treatment of acne is that people tend to try and cure acne in a vacuum without understanding that acne is an offshoot of another disease.The bottom line for the healing of acne lies in the identification of the medical condition that gave birth to Acne in the first place. When you try to treat acne alone you are processing only superficially. Obviously, any time it is required to return and even once, you would have to begin your treatment of zero. There are some basics to keep acne from you.The first is to have a nutritional balanced diet. The food you eat are responsible of how healthy is your body Constitution. Including lots of junk food and calorie rich food would cause obvious body to unhealthy and show the results in the form of acne. There are certain vitamins for the treatment of acne that should be included in your diet so that your skin remains free of acne. These vitamins are vitamin C, vitamin b and vitamin e. You can get these vitamins to eat foods such as the citrus, parsley, strawberry, red pepper, papaya, cauliflower, tomatoes, spinach, water melon, guava, apricots, carrots, legumes, vegetables, cereals, nuts, etc.Adult Acne can be caused for various reasons. Women, pregnancy and menstruation may be a cause of acne. The reason being hormonal imbalances that come on the body for a lady during these periods that can cause Acne to enter erupted and gradually go away when the levels of progesterone comes down. Polycystic ovary syndrome is another well known reason for adult acne in women that this condition causes too hormonal imbalance. Many women perhaps attend during menopause acne eruptions too.Pollution is also known to be a very important reason for adult acne in men and women. The heavy air pollution and exposure to various chemical products can cause acne. Try to keep your exposure to these surrounding at least. Second, be very hygienic in all your personal care products. Use a towel, SOAP and separate and keep putting the cloth of bed and towels that you use as often as possible for washing. It places where undesirable bacteria that can cause acne.Remember that any strong the temptation, not choose acne. So you make yourself quite poorly in doing so. By breaking the to an intermediate step, acne would just remain inactive for a while and return; had let dry naturally you only have to bear once with it. And watch the scar of terrible acne that you are left with; is it worth? Certainly not, so please let acne disappear by itself without your valuable contribution and the chances are that you could get your normal fast acne-free skin.