02 April 2011

The Best Weight Loss Strategies for Better Diabetes Control

About 8 out of 10 patients suffering from the direct and indirect consequences of having diabetes also have problems of overweight or obese. In fact, have a healthy weight loss plan is strongly associated with the improvement of the level of sugar in the blood and diabetes, according to Harvard Medical School Harvard Health Publications. But there is good news for your current health problem: losing as little as 5 to 10% of your current weight can greatly reduce the chronic complications of diabetes.What are the best strategies that can help you to lose weight and decrease your risk for the development of complications of diabetes?Increase your fibre intake. Do you know that increase your fibre consumption can reduce your risk of developing diabetes and its complications by 40% over those which never embrace a high fibre diet at all? Yes, this is true. And fibre take more than you in, better it will be to lose weight. You see, fibres of vegetable, fruit and whole grain cereal tend to absorb moisture and this moisture adds more weight to the food eat you, make you feel full and content a bit faster as normally do you with a low-fibre diet.Eat your nuts. Nuts can greatly reduce your risk of developing diabetes and its complications by 20 to 30%, according to Harvard Medical School. However, how the nuts of reduces the risk for diabetes is still uncertain.Drink your alcohol moderately. Moderate your alcohol consumption can significantly reduce your risk of diabetes. In fact, the men who drink frequent as a glass a day reduce their risk of diabetes by 43% from these men that totally abstain from alcohol. However, if you take medication for diabetes, make sure to check your blood sugar before your alcohol and going to sleep. Why? You see, alcohol can significantly reduce your level of sugar in the blood, and this can potentially cause hypoglycemia, severe blood sugar decrease.Have your regular physical activity. Who said that you can control your level of sugar in the blood and lose weight healthily without regular physical activity? Physical activity is essential for healthy weight loss and better control of blood glucose. Without some regular exercise, lose weight and control your level of sugar in the blood will be certainly be very difficult, almost impossible.Avoid drinking sweetened beverages. Avoid sugary drinks is one of the components more often neglected to healthy weight loss in diabetes. Sugary drinks contain many calories and nothing else. In fact, patients who drank a can of drink sweet per day are more likely to develop diabetes than those who have a small SIP of these sweet drinks once a month (24%).