11 April 2011

Cause of Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a serious disease of the eye in which the eye loses its sense of perception, or sharpness, or more precisely, the sharp, Centre of the eye vision. The condition difficult to read, and even see the small characters, such as the small print on a warranty or contract, for example. It usually affects people 60 and over and sometimes it is more specifically called age-related macular degeneration.What is the cause of macular degeneration? Age: As mentioned at the beginning, the eye above condition affects mainly the age 60 and up. It has been estimated that about 10% of the population of 66 74, for example, will discover that they have the eye above condition. With those of 75 to 85 years, the rate may be much higher.Family history: it has been observed that patients generally have a family history of the condition.Macular degeneration gene: medical research revealed that there are known genes as factor H, factor b and and factor 3, which was observed as a major factor contributing to the condition.Hypertension: better known as hypertension, is another factor that contributes to the onset of vision loss.Obesity: Another contributor is the rate of cholesterol high, which can greatly affect cardiovascular (or heart) status of a person.Smoking: It is very definitely a major factor in causing the disease. In fact, smoking has been known to increase macular degeneration 2 to 3 times in smokers than non-smokers.Race: It was observed that the condition tends to be greater among white Americans than among people of African descent or African Americans.Exposure in the Sun: the Sun, including blue light exposure, is known to cause the condition.What are the symptoms?Pigmentary alterations, or of changes in the colour of the yeuxHémorragies or blood clots in the eyes, the inability of the eyes secrete fluids such as tears, by ExampleThe ' inability to distinguish or discern colorsIs treatment here for the above condition? Absolutely. There is now strong measures to address this problem by using such devices as the greatest of glasses or bifocal lenses; in fact, many recent computers have included an easy program to degeneration known as JAWS, clearly macular which makes it much easier for person with macular degeneration to see more. Some vision experts also suggest that patients begin a diagram of some vitamins that can help to strengthen the vision and to avoid further damage.Macular degeneration is a condition of eye difficult to argue with, but certainly not impossible. Many people is struggling with this condition every day, and they lead a normal life. Thus, the State is not need to be a means of deterrence to do the things that people enjoy in life. If you, or someone you love is dealing with this condition, they can be assured that there is indeed hope for those who develop macular degeneration.