17 April 2011

Definition of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is an art using pressure from finger on different domains of human to promote Anatomy and a physically and emotionally healthy condition. Technical acupressure are used in a shiatsu massage. This type of massage originated and was developed in the Japan as an alternative and complementary medicine similar to other methods of massage treatments. It traces its roots of traditional Chinese medicine combined with acupuncture techniques.Shiatsu is a common and popular practice in the Japan where every family has at least one Member who is trained and qualified in this kind of method of natural healing. Women were usually the practitioners of this method during the previous years, he has developed and presented to the public. The Japanese believe that he has many healing advantages to our whole body and that is why that it has spread its popularity around the world.In shiatsu, they refer to a person who is not healthy as an individual with chi unbalanced in their body. Balance energy or better known under the name chi in Chinese and Japanese culture is their basis for a health condition in a human being. Unbalanced Chi is considered by many to be the cause of diseases which lowers our resistance against diseases, which explains why the shiatsu is deemed by many as a balancer effective chi because it helps to unblock a clog in the meridian points. He also believes that chi blocked on meridian points are the main causes of failure of health among the many people.In a shiatsu massage, the technical uses of massage massage therapist called acupressure shiatsu on different parts of the body of the patient. Essentially, being covered by acupressure points are the same spots at the time of the use of acupuncture technique. Acupressure shiatsu is usually the 12 meridians points of the human body. During the session, the patient will feel a little bit of pain as the massage therapist applies different pressure on these points. The patient is called to change positions to lie face down, on his back and laterally. As any type of massage therapy, this change of position of the body allows the massage therapist to have total control and access to the integer part of the body of the patient. Your therapist will use his entire body as he or she exerts pressure during massage therapy.Other methods of massage therapy, shiatsu uses zen shiatsu, which is also a process of diagnosis on the patient physically feel the pulse, verification of the language, as well as to study the psychological health of the patient to know their general State of health and to identify the problem. It is also a form of meditation practiced by the massage therapist that is supposed to help to have a good coordination of mind and body.Like any other type of therapeutic massage, there are preparations and precautions that the patient has need to know before actually having a shiatsu massage session. Advice of a physician is also known as the first action that the patient must do before taking the stage with a shiatsu session.