02 April 2011

Diet Medications: Why They Work

You always wished for a magic pill to get thinner. Forget being a fat and calorie counter. Just pop a pill and shows that the books are detached. There are many pills for weight loss is really promise to melt the later books, but they can help some people overweight curb the temptation to overeat.Many of these drugs has help for take-off weight. With long term use, they can actually do the weight off the coast.These drugs help control the impulse of overeating by increasing the availability of some products chemical brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. These send a message to be complete and the satisfaction of receivers of appetite in the brain.Before asking your doctor for a prescription, you must ensure that you are a likely candidate for these drugs. They are primarily reserved for persons who are considered at least 30 pounds overweight, but also have a history fail to diet. Lose weight without medication, it is always the best way. There were doctors will prescribe these drugs for the overweight persons who are less than 30 pounds but whose weight is a major contributor to a serious medical problem such as diabetes.For people who meet this criterion, the most commonly used drugs are the fenfluramine and phentermine, prescribed together and commonly known as fen-phen. Individually, the two drugs are effective. But in prescribing the two to a person, they reduce the other side effects. Fenfluramine is somehow a sedative and phentermine acts as a stimulant.With regard to the secondary effects, two of the 3 people who took the fen-phen combination develop dry mouth, and less than 20 per cent experience constipation, nausea, drowsiness, headache, excitability, and short-term memory loss.FDA approves use of fenfluramine and phentermine up to 12 weeks to continue to use for the obese. However, doctors were very impressed by the results of the fen-phen combination, and have been using it for long periods of time with patients.This drug not melt off the coast of fat with do you any work, even during the taking of these drugs, should keep their intake of fat less than 30% of calories and exercise regularly.An another harsh reality is that, once you stop taking these drugs, you will have to redouble our efforts to keep the weight you lost. Unlike someone who changes their diet and becomes a fat and calorie counter, many people find that books come to the right. This is the reason why many physicians who prescribe these drugs are recommending term use longer than that, the FDA approved.