15 April 2011

Foot Pain - Step Up to Relief

Foot pain is very common. For some people, it is a mere nuisance. Others experience a terrible ache affecting the entire foot of stub feet. In both cases, it is important to stop the pain and reverse the trend. Unless you can do this, foot pain is usually worse over time.What Causes pain in the feet?When the treatment of pain in one or two feet, the first step is to know what are the causes. Without a clear diagnosis, it is much more difficult to treat effectively. Many situations, it is better to start using natural treatments such as those listed below.Also, don't forget that foot pain can come from a single cause or a combination of conditions. Here are some of the more frequent causes: injuries may predispose to foot pain. Sprains, strains and fractures sometimes returns years later as foot pain. Even a simple bruise may be a cause of pain. Overwork, overload and the General overuse of the foot are possible contributors.Structural problems may also lead to painful sensations in the legs. It is one of the causes of the Plantar fascia inflamed, also known as the Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis feels generally worse when running or walking on uneven surfaces or hard.Poor choice in footwear is a source of too common of foot pain. It is a shame because it's entirely avoidable. Shoes that cause blisters, bruises and calluses create microtrauma to the feet. This often leads to foot pain.Diseases are also of the possible causes. It's infection by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Pain also comes from gout, disease, Hansen and warts.Regardless of the causes of foot pain, natural methods of treatment are the best choice. They help relieve immediate pain while also protecting the future problems.What are the most effective natural treatments?When it comes to natural treatments, the best results come from their use from the beginning. However, there are cases where a medical intervention is necessary. This is true if the bones and tendons are exposed, when intense pain is accompanied by swelling, and when the foot is unable to take any weight without the appearance of acute pain.Still, even a severe case of Fasciitis Plantar can benefit the following relief of pain of the foot known as price. Make sure you apply them within 48 hours after the pain was known.Protection - keep weight off so far and also as possible feet long.Rest - pause in normal daily activities especially those fierce as sports.Ice - cold compresses to reduce swelling in the foot. A bag of ice or even a bag of frozen peas are effective both. Only apply ice for 15 - 20 minutes three times per day at most.Compression - a compression bandage reduces swelling and maintains stable foot.Altitude - affected foot must be high to avoid the accumulation of blood and, thus, swelling in the region.In a few days, the pain of your foot should be a thing of the past. However, if symptoms persist, a doctor is your best possible assistance.