19 April 2011

How Does a Synthetic Medical Marijuana Drug Get Approved By the FDA?

Marinol is a FDA drug approval which is a synthetic THC. It is available in oral form to fight against the nausea of chemotherapy and also helps to stimulate the appetite of patients with AIDS. The debate between Marinol oral and smoking of marijuana for these issues is considerable. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the FDA approval process.At the United States, the Food and Drug Administration decides if a drug is safe for human consumption on the market. How is it he? A clinical trial is done and is usually sponsored by the drug sponsor.Most of the time, that the sponsor is a large pharmaceutical company. Some people have a tendency to snub their nose at these companies, but must be wallet to fund modern clinical trials. Many drugs ground breaking comes from clinical trials, including the advances of chemotherapy and less essential medicines such as Viagra.The National Institute of Health also funds the commercial development of drugs for serious diseases such as AIDSCancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. It is one of these programs that Marinol has been invented and studied.Before a drug finishes by testing human, it often tested in animals. Animal rights groups don't like it one bit, but it's reality. If you have a loved one die of cancer, you might think differently from a life that extends drug which had its origin in the study in mice at the origin. When animals is studied, it is the preclinical phase of drugs.Let's say that a researcher studying appetite in mice. He or she may do so by inducing a State of disease in mice which decreases appetite. Then the mouse are given either the investigational drug or anything which is considered the "gold standard" for increase appetite. If the investigational drug works in the study, the author of the drug submits and application of the investigational drug to the FDA. The FDA has then a month or challenge the IND, and if not the author of the drug can begin the testing of human beings human.There are generally 3 phases of clinical trials. In Phase 1 the drug is given to healthy volunteers to ensure safe and to determine the dosage. Then the phase 2 is almost as a pilot study with patients who have the condition to receive the treatment drug. Safety and side effects are monitored. Phase 3 includes a large group of patients confirming the effectiveness.How long all this take? On average, an amazing 5 years. If this is an experimental drug complicated, it may take more time. In addition, if the condition is rare, it can take time to register enough patients.How many drugs to go through? Approximately one in five drugs that begin the secure process approved by the FDA. Considering that the cost of all 3 phases runs anywhere from 200 million to $ 600 million, these trials are very risky.After Phase 3, a new drug application is submitted to the FDA for marketing approval. It takes an average of 1.25 years for the FDA then complete its review. Since 1992 when the FDA was allowed to charge fees he allowed more staffing and the review time has dropped from 2 years to 15 months.The FDA then approved the drug for a specific indication. If the author of the drug to add an additional indication, there is another application process. Marinol is only marijuana based drug available in the United States. Marinol left the status of investigational drug of new for approval in just two years, much less than the average.This initial approval was nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy in 1985. In 1992, the author of the applied drug and received FDA approval for wasting AIDS.