15 April 2011

How to Prevent Foot Corns

Corns are callus formed on foot pressure points, usually the heel, toes or foot buffer. They consist of a thick, dead skin that are yellow or grey in colour and can be extremely painful. They can become red and inflamed, and if not treated properly or left for too long, can be infected and may require surgery to remove.To understand how to prevent foot corns, you must first understand what causes. The main cause is shoes that don't fit properly or are too tight. Wear high heels that support or your foot cushion is also an important factor. When your shoes constantly rubs against your toes it creates friction; mechanism for the defence of your skin kicks in and creates a hard layer of skin to ease this pressure.Prevention of foot corns is quite simple. Make sure that you buy good shoes in your correct size. If you are not sure, what is your correct size, get a seller to measure your foot. Stay away from the high heels that are narrow and scrunch up your toes. If you absolutely must have these stubs because they are the latest fashion, try to not wear too long at any time. A good companion for comfortable footwear is a separate cushioned sole. This will give extra protection to your feet and make you feel as you walk on the waves. The purchase of good quality footwear is not always cheap. be prepared to pay more for a shoe that gives you stability and comfort. Shop and compare prices and marks. You can even do online.Another prevention method is to return to the Barefoot as often as you can. This allows your feet to rest and breathe naturally. When you are at home, try to walk around barefoot home. Obviously, it is easier to do this in summer than in winter.If you took the above notice and you're always with foot corns, there are many remedies, you can try. Counter creams and medicated pads are very effective. You can obtain at any drug store. If you want a more natural remedy, try soaking your foot in the chamomile tea or rubbing your horns with papaya raw juice several times per day. These are very effective natural methods that will relieve pain and to disappear.