19 April 2011

Medical Marijuana: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

What is - this on medical marijuana, which makes such a volatile topic? Why the same States which originally decriminalized the sale of cannabis to the approved medical patients now trying to impose restrictions both to? For large scale legalization supporters and businesses that sell the product, it seems to be a constant dance between what is permitted and what is not.OverAfter decriminalised California Lottery sale facades near 800 medical marijuana opened under the guise of becoming clinics. In May 2010, the owners of 439 of them were told to close June 7 to comply with orders. Distance from places where children gather, such as schools and parks as well as the deadlines were exceeded were cited as reasons for the closures.The next step involves a lottery throughout the city for the remaining clinics. Only the collectives and clinics who had been in operation since September 14, 2007 and have kept at least an original owner qualifies for the lottery. It has since informed the owners of 140 other stores that they must close their doors, leaving 100 clinics in the city.How have things changed so dramatically, while the California debates collects the tax for the sale of medical marijuana dispensaries and growing cooperatives?New-Mexico: no measure YetGovernor Susana Martinez - R, made a problem of the repeal of the Act of medical marijuana in New-Mexico and tried to provide a measure for this year of the voters do. This position follows party lines. However, ABR. James Smith - R, promoter of the Bill from the Bill, replaced by House Memorial 53 for a Ministry of health of the impact of medical marijuana study acts. For the time being residents of the New Mexico will be still able to obtain legal medical marijuana.Clinics of medical marijuana while Business RestrictionsEven have been decriminalized, it did not their closer to a solution regarding their commercial transactions. Unless the clinic is ready to work on a "cash only" basis, it may have difficulty obtaining commercial accounts necessary, merchant accounts and insurance. Indicator of requests received in a creative manner citing the sale of "supplements" and "ancillary health" are in red.Banks and other financial institutions are in a quandary as well. It is a potentially huge market, but with fears regarding federal prosecutions for drug related crimes, obtain necessary accounts can be particularly difficult.A clear thing emerges from this waltz little: standards must be defined on not only who has legal jurisdiction over the sale of marijuana for medical purposes, but not companies doing business with actual suppliers will be protected from unfair retaliation.