02 April 2011

My Diet Won't Work, No Matter What I Do I Can't Seem to Lose Weight!

What do you do when you really try hard, but you may seem just to lose weight? This is really frustrating, in a way just scales appear not to take account of the fact that you try so hard. You know eat you right and you exercise three times a week, but still nothing. What is going wrong?First of all, if this is true, then you should visit your doctor to see if there is no underlying medical reason why your weight loss plans do not work. But to be honest with yourself - is it really true? Perhaps there are little things that you could try.Keep a food log. It always works for me. Develop a grid showing your meal permitted. I am myself to host five or six small meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks), but any reasonable diet plan will provide a plan suitable for you. The trick is to consume less calories than your body needs. Simply write then everything eat you. Now, do not cheat - is the only person that you are cheating you. This cookie chocolate with your cup of tea is suddenly less attractive if it wants to count as one of your snacks. And it goes without saying that you need to follow a balanced diet in good health and cutting fatty foods and beverages. Right?It is important to control part. How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. A woman uses about 2,000 calories per day and a man around 2 500-3, 000. If you want to split that between 5 meals, you need more approximately 350 - 450 calories per meal. Find out what your needs are based on your age and activity levels and aim a deficit of about 10%. Not dying yourself.Alcohol account! If you need that the glass of wine the then count as a snack. It is easy to think that the alcohol you do wrong, but the truth is that it will be. It is full of "empty" calories To do this, it adds to your calorie intake, but does not give you any nutritional value in return. Drink plenty of well water.So much to eat, but what your exercise routine? Yet again, keeping a journal. It is easy to miss a night or two. Perhaps feel you as if you are working on three times a week, but really live you in your intentions. Once again quality issues here. You are strong enough to be slightly breathless for about 30 minutes? If this is not the case, you must increase your level of effort. Go not mad, and if you have not exercised for a period of time, or discomfort in any way then check with your doctor before you begin. Walking, dancing, cycling, they are all well, find something you enjoy is the most important thing.It's good for aerobic, but are you doing anything in the process of formation of resistance? This is essential for muscle building. Don't worry, you don't go not the end of the look of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but did you know that the muscles are your secret weapon in the fight to lose weight? Research much better that the fats, they increase your metabolism and burn fat for hours after you have stopped your workout.It that you have it, get a weight loss plan good and start shedding pounds.Good luck!