19 April 2011

Painkillers - The Beginning of a Vicious Cycle

Take pain relievers, except if it is absolutely necessary to extremely painful conditions, is an act of suppression, and destroy the intelligence of healing of the body. When he is sick, the body may require pain signals to trigger the immune response appropriate for the Elimination of toxins from a localized area and prevent the individual harming himself more. The pain is not a disease and should therefore not be considered a. Pain is natural response of the body to congestion and the subsequent dehydration and malnutrition of cells and tissues. It occurs in the presence of toxic materials and is often accompanied by an infection. In most cases, a signal of pain occurs when one of the first aid of the brain, called histamine, hormones secreted in large amounts and passes on the nerves of pain near or next to a congested area.The body also uses histamines reject foreign material such as viral particles or toxic substances and lead the other hormones or systems in the body to regulate the distribution of water. This last function of histamine is very important, because where there is an accumulation of toxins, there is also an acute shortage of water (dehydration). When the pain signal becomes deleted, however, the body is confused on how it should deal with the congestion and the subsequent increase in toxicity. Analgesics has also prevented the body of learning on the progressive condition of cellular dehydration. In addition, to treat pain relievers, the cells of the body have even more of their precious water.Usually, the intensity of the pain increases with the concentration of toxins and materials such as blood proteins trapped in the fluid surrounding cells. This liquid substance is called liquid interstitial or connective tissue, and it is drained by the lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is congested due to digestive problems or other reasons which I will explain later, the route of evacuation for these blood proteins and toxins is closed. To prevent the immediate destruction of cells by these highly acidic and reactive proteins and toxins, the body is surrounded with water. In turn, this causes obstruction and prevents the good oxygenation of the cells. Pain directly the results of this lack of oxygen. Research published in December 1964 by one of the previous journals of the American Medical Association, the health of today, has proved that blood proteins naturally leave the bloodstream and enter in the connective tissue, but if not instantly deleted by the lymphatic systemthey can cause illness and death in as little as 24 hours.The Organization has certainly knows this danger and acts accordingly. The brain produces the perfect amount of natural painkillers, i.e. endorphins (endogenous opioids), to keep the tolerable pain but still strong enough to maintain an immune response and powerful and active cleansing. Synthetically derived from the other analgesics cause electrical shorting of the pain signal. However, the brain and the immune system, should receive this signal to attend to the area endangered. The brutal repression of the pain can be compared to cut the wires of an alarm system that protects a home. When a burglar enters the House, no one does the notice. By cutting its communication with the brain, the body is unable to remove all the toxins trapped and blood proteins, and their destructive effect may go unnoticed. It is so disturbing to take medication drug, as an analgesic, they need of blood protein to transport them to their destinations. Given that blood proteins are trapped in the connective tissue of an organ, these drugs become trapped, too. This results in frequent deaths and serious side-effects for which these drugs are so well known. The pharmaceutical industry, of course, wants you to know by taking their medication you are involved with your life.Pain relievers keep the ignorant body on a particular physical problem, they also undermine its efforts of healing. Regular use of analgesics removes the endorphin production, in the brain causing dependency. This lowers the level of the body of pain tolerance, making even minor congestion problems very painful. Some people have abused their bodies in this way to the point that they suffer from atrocious, chronic pain, although the problem