11 April 2011

Pink Eyes (Conjunctivitis)

Pink Eye and his ManagementMedically pink eye is called conjunctivitis.What is conjunctivitis? Inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eyes and this condition is explained below.How can pink eye? Naturally the eyes have 4 agents.1 protection. Eyebrows and lids eye2. White part of the eye (conjunctiva) 3. Colored part of the eye (Iris) - it is covered with a transparent layer called cornée4. TearsWhen one or more of this assigned protection the conjunctiva is inflamed. It is when the condition is called as eye Rose.Les more possible reasons for the discretionary. Bacterial infection (this is the most common reason) 2. Virose3. Allergic Rhinite4. Various harmful foreign substances (mainly professional) the most common reason for conjunctivitis is an infection. She rarely leaves serious side effects. The reason for the infection is not yet been found, but the following reasons can increase the possibility.1. Insanitation2. General weakness to cause of maladie3. Infection pulmonaire4. Allergie5. PsoriasisThe signs and symptoms of Rose Eye• more that probably both eyes is affected, but especially a first affected eye and the other follows bientôt• eyes become red due to the expansion of the blood capillaries in the conjonctive• mainly during sleepa Pasty substance covers lids eye• eyes itching or douleur• the difficulty in the sun• if the underlying problem is rhinitis or psoriasis, inflammation of the eye lid can take place. This would not be considered infectious. • the formation of sty in the internal eyelidManagement for eye RoseSi condition is due to an infection he will reveal in 24 hours by itself. If the problem persists beyond 24 hours see ophthalmologist.To control the pain• sunglasses wearing appropriate out the soleil• if the sty or blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) takes place, moisten a clean pad of cotton in worm water and the place above the eyes for 5 minutes. Do this 3 times day. This will reduce the douleur• if the condition is due to an allergy perform the procedure mentioned above, but with the cold water. This will reduce the burning and irritation.How eye Rose spread? • the infection spreads via touch what must be done to avoid being infected? • disinfect all possible things of the infected person utilisé• try not to share the choses• try to avoid chimiques• cosmetics do not share the cosmétiques• do not use the same cosmetic for the eyes of your safety more 6 monthsKEEP! BRAVE FACE TO YOUR LIFE!Article by - Siva-.