11 April 2011

The Reason To Use Brown Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have a come a long way from Bausch & Lomb their introduction in the early 1970s. There are now disposable products with coloured lenses and filters of UV protection for the eyes. One of the main reason to use Brown contact lenses is teenage craze just now called Twilight.Twilight is a series of books for teenagers on a love affair with a teenage vampire man. Bella, the protagonist has soft, Brown eyes. Thus, the actress uses contact lenses Brown to play the role of his character. Her boyfriend vampire, Edward, uses honey colored shade of Brown contacts. This makes it almost natural looking and subtle. There is also a gold medal called for a very dramatic look of vampires. He will get a person noticed in a blink of eye scary.With more and more television programs and films past, Brown contact lenses are most often used for various reasons. It may be like Halloween to dress fun or being a werewolf or simply to portray a character.Another reason to use Brown contact lenses is simply change the color of the eyes of the person. While contacts are prescribed by the physician, and they can use in any security. If a woman of colour her hair, for example, red to Brown, she would change her eye color. His eyes could watch most large or even change the shape of his face. It could consider seriously, sad, sexy and so much more emotions. Even the clothes a man or a woman wears, could be highlighted because colour eyes and hair.With the manufacturers of contacts, they are now with multi-shades of colored contacts. A person is not born for example with a straight eye, such as blue Brown or solid color. We say simply blue or brown. There may be clear or dark shades. That is therefore what manufacturers are cashing in. Mixture of two and even three shades of colors for contact lenses.If the color of skin a person is lighter, more Brown contacts, more color to stand out. If a person had the skin more dark and used a lighter brown hue of lenses would create a dramatic effect. A person is just to play with the color they would like to wear.The reason to use Brown contact lenses are mainly for fun, playing a joke on someone or even have a secret identity. There are obviously many more reasons. Today, its time to watch the next episode of twilight!