02 April 2011

Reduce Stomach Fat Fast

If you are struggling to reduce stomach fat, then you are one of the many individuals who share the same problem. Most of us at some point in our lives may feel fat excess belly that affects more than likely our image and health.Dangers of fat stomach (visceral/abdominal fat) fat that tends to accumulate around our midsections is called visceral fat, which is best known to us as belly fat. This fat belly in a sense is our body of warning that we are out of shape and have become unhealthy. It is the function of the liver to metabolize this stomach fat into cholesterol gets in turn, distributed throughout the body. Everyone one knows we hope, or at least you know that the accumulation of cholesterol in our blood flow can cause narrowing of the arteries. Therefore, more fat visceral / abdominal that you've significantly increase your chances of suffering from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. If you plan to reduce your fat stomach soon, then it is important to know the dangers of summer overweight. Present in turn can really kick start our motivation to begin a healthier lifestyle and reduce stomach fat.What Causes stomach FatThe main factors contributing to the excess abdominal fat is a sedentary lifestyle, which is not a regular physical activity. If you do burn the calories you eat, then this fat has a place to go. However, it is not only our level of activity that affects our weight gain, but also the diets. An unbalanced diet, which includes regular high-calorie food and exercise little you'll see pack on the books of the body in a short time.Other secondary factors that have been linked to a fat stomach are the stress of everyday life. When we insist release us a series of hormones directly related to the stress which keeps us fat. Smoking can also stimulate the same that stress hormones. But our genetics, is a factor which can sometimes be out of your control. It is a reality that some unfortunate people are more likely to develop fat in the stomach.How to reduce stomach FatLosing belly fat is difficult for most of us, especially if you do not have the proper training or knowledge. The key to the reduction in belly fat can be broken down into two key principles; diet and exercise. Sure, it was simple enough, but most people don't know the right foods to eat and the best exercises to reduce rapid stomach fat. Did you know that squats burn more calories than any other exercise … or these healthy fats in nuts and olive oil can actually increase your weight loss?