21 April 2011

Should I Consult A Dermatologist For Acne Treatment?

I used to have a problem with acne really keep a few years and often had to consult a dermatologist for treatment of acne.But for some of us, the issue that we believe will be "a dermatologist will be really effective for solving my acne?You can deal with this dilemma - at some point in your life you only purchase some drugs at your local pharmacy or must seek you professional help immediately for your acne?Well, it might be a good idea to try first drugs which are available on the market. You can go with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid depending on the type of skin you have. If no improvement is visible after six to eight weeks, or if your skin is too sensitive to these drugs, it is time to seek professional help.In my case, the two drugs really worked for me, so I decided to visit the dermatologist.True that the first contact with my dermatologist recognized exact skin infection I had and knew that the good treatment for it. What a relief! But a word of warning - prescription treatments are generally more powerful (like mine) and cost more than the usual stuff sold on the market.Here are some tips given by my dermatologist on situations where you need to consult a professional:-If the counter treatments have no effect on the problem of acne; -If a person displays multiple signs of skin infection, e.g. rashes and spots white-if acne appears throughout the body; -If the scars are visible on the areas where it previously had acne; -If there is pus - contained spots on his face which is painful to the touch;A person with acne should take note of the above whenever it decides to seek help from a dermatologist. Communication with his dermatologist is crucial - you must discuss the nature of the problem carefully to identify the best solution.Consult a dermatologist for acne treatments should be as complete as possible. It can be very embarrassing for you, but the consequences of infection of the skin can be so extreme that nobody, I repeat that a person should be failing to obtain all the information on their condition. My opinion is to bring along a history of your previous acne records so that your doctor or your dermatologist can properly diagnose your condition.Early and effective treatment for acne is important for physical reasons, but it is also essential for a positive image of itself for adolescents and adults who suffer from it. Acne, not only you makes it less presentable, but also causes embarrassment. However, don't despair, as there's lots of good treatment options market available to treat the unsightly inflammation and scarring.