19 April 2011

Top 3 Most Innovative Medical Devices In 2011

There appears to be a common trend among manufacturers of medical devices in 2011 and which seems to be portability. The concept should be is more glued to a certain place, but they can move freely while at the same time, have access to necessary medical devices they need. Well that some of these devices exist for several years have been significant changes not only in their functionality, but also their usefulness in the past year deserve mentioning that the devices the top medical innovative three in first device 2011.The which is the most innovative and useful is a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a medical product and health that has been used for more than a hundred years as a way to transform respiratory medicines in liquid form in the form of steam so that it can be breathed in by the lungs. This in turn will allow it to be much more quickly absorbed into the body by it ingestion simply the old fashioned way. Those who suffer from health problems such as asthma and COPD find comfort in such a device to help relieve their symptoms and live a more normal life.The second device that is truly innovative in 2011 is the artificial heart. Really, one of the more amazing discoveries in health for years the artificial heart has been able to help hundreds of thousands of people with various cardiac disorders, including heart failure congenital and many others. The advancement in technology, the product was capable of overcoming many obstacles which it faced in previous years. Although the actual procedure in the heart of the implant is extremely complicated and difficult, however when done by a qualified surgeon has the ability to save the life of a person and allow them to live more normal lives if they had not really received the implant.The device of third most innovative for the year is actually a device that is used by dentists. It is known as the CAD/CAM system and essentially what he is doing, is to be an image in 3D of the contours of the teeth and that it is electronically able to carve a new tooth from ceramic compounds. Once the tooth is chipped his implementation and then by the dentist, and because it was made with the best digital imaging technology is an exact fit to the groves where the bite occurs with other teeth of health. Although fairly expensive, but really, it is a breakthrough in the field of dentistry because it opens the door to new partnerships between technology and dentistry and allows better care to patients in the process.These products have truly broken ground and will continue to do so. Advances in technology, there is more presentations of products that can not only satisfy the desire of portability more but still offer the accuracy and reliability if necessary by individuals and health care professionals.