04 April 2011

Van Gogh's Chair

Holder of the Chair of Vincent van Gogh has the original simple presidency lies in his series of paintings based on her own bedroom. The Yellow House in Arles is the famous place of this House and the President himself and this is where he prepared a house ready for friend Paul Gauguin to remain as the two to work together to improve each are art.Interestingly, Van Gogh used covered Gauguin own Chair in a spare part and it shows how the two came from very different backgrounds and were also at very different stages in their careers, with Gauguin a much more accepted in the school plan and painter successful. The best known of all simple chair these Chair features paintings of Vincent with small objects, believed to be his own, sitting on it. Include a pipe with a rolling paper and tobacco. The artist believed that smoking may contribute to fight against her own feelings of depression that had affected him for much of his life.The objects on the Chair, therefore are most that most would think, representing constant struggles of the artist in his own life and its problems of was established as an artist from the President of Gauguin. Success in the mainstream modern of this Chair particularly painting, however, is probably nothing to do with these deeper meanings, but simply that people enjoy to see Van Gogh's personal effects and are interested to learn more about how he lived his life back in the late 19th century.The colours used in this table are also classic Van Gogh with oranges, yellows, red and green which he was always willing to use in this painting, whenever possible. These colors represent his post-impressionniste style strong and helped to focus the eyes of the Viewer on his priority chosen in painting as well as to give a bright and bold finish.We can conclude that President is a popular and important painting in the career of Vincent van Gogh, but its success is mainly his use of colour and charm with the involved Chair, where the importance of the career of painter then that he was still alive is due to how he represents his relationship with friend Paul Gauguin and also his constant struggle with mental illness who finally lost a few years later after the two had parted.