19 April 2011

Well-Known Tertiary Medical Centers in Philippine Medical Tourism

Many countries around the world will compete to be the top provider of services of medical tourism. Asia, for example, has a number of countries competing for first place. Philippine medical tourism integrators know the value of this sector, which is why they work so hard to provide world-class medical services to foreign customers. Major tertiary medical centers of the country are involved in medical tourism and are now offering these medical services to people everywhere in the world.1. Asian hospital and medical center. Hotel or hospital? The people who manage the Asian hospital and Medical Center say that this is both because it brings together exceptional health care with comfort are at the maximum height with hotels 5 stars better in the city. In addition, the Medical Centre is in partnership with the major hotels in the region to supply accommodation of quality to their patients. The Medical Centre is located in the southern part of Manila, which is easily accessible from and to airport terminal.2. Capitol Medical Center. It is located in the North section of Manila and this hospital is known as one of the best in the country. Physicians working in this hospital will focus on the various areas of health care, including hematology, obstetrics and gynaecology, dentistry and Psychiatry. When it comes to medical tourism, Asian hospitals, including those based in the North section of Manila is known as the best.3. Makati Medical Center. It is among the known tertiary hospitals in the city which is positioned right in the Centre of the Central of the Makati business district. It is one of the Philippine medical tourism service providers who boast a strategic position.Makati Medical Center provides standard medical services as well as complex medical procedures which are not offered by other medical centers in the city. In addition, it offers private rooms for high-end for those performing surgical procedures in this hospital.4. St. Frances Cabrini. It is the right one of the provinces most South of Luzon. Although found in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, the spot is a few kilometres south of Metro Manila.Clients suffering of cancer can come to this hospital for treatment that it has its own Institute of cancer. Different medical services, including the Nephrology, Endocrinology, geriatrics, and sports medicine, can be found at here.5. The city of medicine. This tertiary care hospital that provides excellent Philippine medical tourism is located in the central business district of the city of Pasig, where many hotels and businesses have their headquarters. It has its own cancer, cardiovascular diseases and well-being centres. Patients seeking treatment for cancer, the conditions of the eye and stroke can visit this hospital for treatment. In addition, he also has a network of clinics across in the city that folks can visit. It is one of the leading providers of quality health care in the medical tourism in the country of the country. Hospitals Asian as it combines compassion and the technology the most advanced to help their patients.People to go to another country for the reason that want to see famous sites and have a glimpse of local life. At the present time, however, tourism is not limited to stay in a hotel, visit to the beach or eat local food. Medical tourism has changed all that more countries to provide this service to people who would rather have quality, yet affordable medical treatment in another country.