11 April 2011

Wet Macular Degeneration Treatment: Lutein and Juicing

Any person who has advanced AMD and is seeking treatment for wet macular degeneration will be surprised how with lutein macular degeneration can be treated naturally. It is not to say that it is the only method of treatment. Instead, it is one of the most useful natural supplements that you can use.The principal means of obtaining lutein is by taking supplements or eating vegetables that contain lutein. These vegetables are mainly Kale and spinach. These are the highest in the content of lutein. There are also other food.Some of these foods include eggs, however, the amount that you'll get food sources other than Kale and broccoli or spinach are very low. This is why it is recommended for everyone for lutein in macular degeneration treatment to focus on these two plants.There is a consideration that one must keep in mind. The problem of eating enough kale or spinach, it is that it will be much food to eat. This is why many people prefer to make vegetable juice. It is an excellent way to obtain the density of the nutrients in any of a bunch of spinach or kale.What a person can do is vegetable juice and it will extract all of lutein from the plant and leave behind the fiber. Plant fibre capacity does not vitamins or nutrients. What is essential is found in the juice. It will therefore be more beneficial to drink the juice.Some people think that they will be not able to handle the taste. Tell them that they should drink with spinach juice and they will tell you it sounds gross. The truth is that you do not have to drink the juice clear spinach. What you can do, is add celery, carrots and apples. This transforms a juice tasting nice and it does not diminish the power of lutein.The last thing to consider is that you want a good juicer. Some centrifuges are not well suited to certain types of vegetable juices. Apples and carrots are fine in most of the centrifuges, but something like spinach, kale, parsley, you'll want a citrus press which is capable of handling this.You need to get a juicer which is capable of handling weekly, if not in a juice daily. This regiment is going to be something that you want to with regularity. To protect your eyes that you need juice several times per week. Lutein may be very useful to protect your macula, but you want to be sure that you get a juicy quality.It is very critical to your health. There are many cases of people become frustrated with a juicer and then stop their heath Regiment. Do not let this happen to you. Get a quality juicer, and then go to the start of an assigned in good health plan that includes a healthy amount of kale and spinach.