11 April 2011

Wet Macular Degeneration Treatments: Juicing

For many people who suffer from wet macular degeneration, the subject of juice is one that they should study. There are many people who advocate the juice for total body health, but it is especially important for anyone dealing with wet macular degeneration. The reason is that some vegetable juice is the only way to get adequate amounts of nutrients that can help the macula.The macula contains a nutrient called Luetin and another called zeaxanthin. It is bioavailable in certain types of food. It is extremely important that any person who has a history of vision problems in their family begins to take an increase in the amount of these foods when they are young and before the onset of wet macular degeneration.However, if you have already developed the disease is not at the end. There are numerous studies show that taking supplemental lutein, or consumption of vegetable juice is high in concentration will have a very positive effect. The reason that some people add juice to supplement their diet is that juice will contain lutein fresh and new that is more powerful than what you get in a supplement.Luetin is considered by many in the field of research as one of the most powerful nutrients available for the treatment of wet macular degeneration. Foods containing lutein include kale, eggs and spinach. However, you need to eat enormous quantities of eggs for therapeutic amounts.What must be done is for a person of vegetable juice in a glass. This allows them to deal with more general type of amount nutrients without eating too much. A bunch of spinach or kale can be Apple juice and you can easily drink a small glass. This small glass will contain nutritional density even eat a big bowl of food will not.Some people are worried about the flavor. This is not really a big problem. If at first you don't like it you can add things like apples, celery and other flavors that will be much more acceptable. The most important to remember when this is that you are drinking something that is very healthy for you. Many people eventually love juice.The next thing to keep in mind is that you will not want to get a good juicer. Some centrifuges that you see advertised are not good and will not last. Many companies rely on the fact that a person will buy a juicer and then cease to use it after a few weeks. This way they will never know that the product is not well done.If you decide to use wet juice for treatment of macular degeneration, it is important that you get a high-quality stainless steel citrus press. There are many reasons for this and you won't want to spend learning time on the different methods involved and what product is best for you.