19 April 2011

What Are the Most Common Side Effects of Statins?

Each drug has its own side effects dose. It is therefore essential for high cholesterol patients be aware of the simvastatin common side effects so that they could take the necessary measures such as seeking appropriate medical attention and to avoid serious complications associated with treatment of simvastatin.The most common side effects simvastatin include several allergic reaction which may include hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat. You must stop taking simvastatin if you notice the appearance of serious as tenderness side effects and the weakness of the muscles with pain associated with fever and flu-like symptoms and dark urine and inform your doctor immediately. These symptoms may be warning the patient on myopathy, a disease that affects the muscle fibres preventing their proper functioning. Myopathy may cause a partial disability of skeletons by muscular dystrophy muscle. However, the results of Myopathy in more serious cases in the death of heart failure or inability to breathe. Myopathy is not so wide spread as high cholesterol rate, unfortunately, high levels of cholesterol drugs are listed as the most frequent myopathy acquired causes.Less serious side effects to take simvastatin may include gastrointestinal shocks as the stomach pain, constipation (also indigestion or dyspepsia), diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramps and frequent flatulence. Bloating, nausea and heartburn may also occur. Although they may require no medical attention, it is important to see if these symptoms would be evident on a daily basis and cause serious inconvenience and whether the case will be persistent especially after taking simvastatin.Although most people can tolerate simvastatin well, there is still a small percentage of patients that could meet the listed side effects. In most cases, minor or those considered to be less severe symptoms develop. They require no medical treatment at all and will pass through the hours after taking the drug. In severe when cases of severe symptoms manifest, consultation with a health professional, especially one who prescribed simvastatin to you, is very important. The necessary adjustments on the dose may be imposed to determine if the symptoms you are experiencing are associated with the medication.There are rare cases of loss of memory, insomnia, depression and anxiety in patients on simvastatin. In unique cases, male patients may develop breasts. It is a disease called gynecomastia. Erectile dysfunction occurs also in very rare cases. Reported that the cognitive deficits such as loss of memory occur in some patients.