31 August 2011

The Koi Population control

Control of the population is generally easy with the majority of domestic animals. It is usually as simple as removing the possibility of design up to the point where the opportunity. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Koi. Koi, regardless if you want them or not, is spawn and lay eggs, and other is Koi them fertilize. It is the nature, and there are few things you can do. Given that methods of contraception are not available for fish, control of the population really boils down to remove unwanted babies after they are already born.

As a new comer to this hobby, you can simply ignore this information. For any reason whatsoever, if you feel removing unwanted babies is cruel, or if you believe that more fish it is crazy, you will quickly realize that keeping all babies who are born could be a situation potentially harmful to both your pond and the original parent fish.

Why is babies are harmful?

What is so harmful to have more fish your originally began with? Although a number of dangerous situations can occur.

First, Koi can and will grow to three feet in length. Koi, unlike some other fish, will increase, regardless of the size of their habitat. This will transform a pond of bel in a pond of waste, extremely overcrowded. Not only will be many fish cause damage to a small pond, but they will not be comfortable in their habitat.

When configure you the source of your pond, certainly you set the filtration system for a specific amount of fish. Adding additional without adding more to your system fish finally result thrust unwanted gases and chemicals in the water which is dangerous for your Koi.

Get rid of the baby

There are several ways to eliminate babies of your pond.

One way is to stop feeding your Koi per minute, that realize you that spawning has occurred. You must stop you feed Koi no less then three weeks. Don't worry about your hunger of Koi, as they focus more on natural foods if you are not feeding their daily lives. This "natural" system includes their young. Koi are not cannibalistic animals by any means, but they will eat their young when they are still eggs or if they are small and resemble insects. Once the baby Koi are actually real fish, and adults recognize this, they are no longer will see their as food, it is therefore important to start this process as soon as you notice spawning or babies.

It is a process of nature, you will always find this method to be cruel and unusual. Another way to eliminate unwanted babies of your pond is to give them.

First, check with your local pet store. Many pet stores have programs in which they will accept unwanted animals and give them good homes. Some may even pay a certain amount for each fish as they sell, but not step count of this. Local zoos can also have programs.

If you know a local company of Koi, you can tell them that you have an unwanted babies. Alternatively, you can find a bulletin board or group online and post messages. Who knows, you could even start to another person on a the Koi keeping hobby.