15 January 2012

Don't Let Your Love Wait Too Long

We always think that when we love someone, we will go on love and attention in all our lives. Until any changes color, drying of the sea and the decomposition of rocks. When everyone tells us not to be perverse and it is actually not that good, but we prefer to believe the fairy tale woven by ourselves rather than want to believe the people around us.
We always think that when we fall in love with someone, we must be faithful to our hearts for life. We always think we can wait until fate met again somewhere. A line connects a wedding mile mile. When the clouds clear, when the two separate lines cross, we, those involved can not see clearly.
We always think we love someone so much that we can not do anything for him. And we can love in the beautiful backdrop until you turn around with a look alone. Whoever does not love, who will leave. We still believe that the person who turns first is best. Seeing the person you love being away, we think it will be a lifetime. In this life we ​​will love anyone but himself.
When our heart is insensible to the love and tears were shed, what is it worth waiting for us? Some things are not as fragile as we think. If someone asked you "Did you really can not live without it?" Perhaps you would say yes in the second. But after ten days or a month, a year or more, what is your response? Can one day, you suddenly wake up and wonder why once it has been so hard for me to forget.
In fact, it is not because we can not forget. What we can not forget that it is a mood, a kind of being irreconcilable. Why do you not love first when I still love you? Why do you become so cold since you loved me so much? When we ask these questions in our heart, we just did not love this person, and we just fall in love with being irreconcilable. In our bones, no one is willing to be worse than the others and everyone wants everything of hers is beautiful and no one comparable.
When we fall in love with someone makes us fall in love with a feeling, which can be given by him. When we do not love a person, because the feeling is gone. Do not love is not love, and in vain to force.