15 January 2012

Female Motorists Six Major Health Risks

Maybe you have become accustomed to life on four wheels, but close the door of the car, do you enjoy the real comfort and safety? If not, let us add a few more essential lessons.
First, your ear is injured. After driving for a while, you'll find your ears are not as sensitive as the original. This is because your ears are harassed by the engine, car horns, street and other noises of different intensity. Over time, your hearing will naturally decrease. The best way to avoid is to regularly check the tightness of the car. Of course, when you choose the car, you'd better pay attention to its acoustic performance.
Second, your eyes are tired. When you're driving, your eyes are often concerned about looking forward, but also look at the situation back mirror, making your eyes become tired. The eyes are tired, it is difficult to focus on energy, prone to accidents. Therefore, when you pause, you must also turn over your eyes or blink your eyes to relieve fatigue.
Third, you must be careful to gynecological diseases. Long road will make our lower body to keep in damp conditions for long periods, so there are a variety of bacteria that can take advantage of this opportunity. The bacteria multiply and damage the body, increasing the number of gynecological diseases and diseases of the urinary tract, then we should frequently change underwear.
Fourth, the neck is painful. While driving, the muscles and ligaments are in a relatively long-term rest, it can easily lead to cervical dislocation micro so that oppress and stimulate nerves. Over time, the branch head, shoulders and the top appear pain, swelling and discomfort. So do not begrudge the time to 30 minutes of daily exercise, walking, running can cause the body to restore the balance of health.
Fifth, the stomach is as anxious and angry with you. "Drivers" are extremely sensitive to gastrointestinal type of neurosis.'s Because we drive the car is prone to agitation, so the gastric acid secretion of the body will be stronger, and our mucous stomach to withstand greater pressure. Therefore, listening to relaxing music in the car can actually relieve tension.
Sixth, it is easy to get driving skin cancer? If you drive for a long time during the day, head, neck, arms and hands cause cancer because of too long by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Therefore, to ensure the vitality of healthy skin, we must adhere to daub a sunscreen every two hours. When the sun is strong, try to wear long sleeves, sunglasses. If you drive out of town, it is best to wear a visor.