15 January 2012

History of the Limousine

The limousine has been in existence in one way or another since the 1700s. Created for the very rich as a sign of luxury limousines began as a gold carriage that was pulled by golden horses as pure lines. The word comes from the word limo Limoges, a province of France, who began the phenomenon of limousine together. The limo first place the main feature of all the limousines of today which is the separate compartment for the driver.

After gilded carriages, limousines, and then moved on motor vehicles powered car such as age occurred. The first engine powered limousine was created and designed in 1902 and was created so that the pilot remained separated from passengers in a covered area outdoors. This compartment cover is important to the original name of the limo, because the compartment cover resembled the cloak hood residents of Limoges was.

After limousines car came another development in innovation limousine: the limo.

The limousine was first developed and manufactured in Arkansas about 1928. Limousines at that time were popularly known as "big band buses" due to the fact that they were used to drive around in big band leaders and their bands and their instruments in several regions of the United States.

After that, the limousine industry really started to catch on. They were mainly used to drive around guests at the hotel from the airport. These limousines were also used to take guests on guided tours around the city. For this reason, the name "Airporter Stretch Coach" was coined. The growing popularity of the limousine drew attention to the film industry.

Hollywood quickly jumped on the bandwagon and stretch limousines were then seen carrying personal film in and around movie sets. Stretch limousines have also been a great thing for movie stars. The general perception at the time was that the actor was not a star until he or she has appeared in a long limousine. This perception is still to some extent today.

As evidenced by the brief history outlined above, the story of the limousine is longer than the longest stretch limousines today. It has a rich history of the development and function through the years. The limousine was actually the roots to the early years of the civilized world, which shows that the rich have used the services of luxury chauffeur since the early days of time.

Because of this simple observation, it is also suggested that because he has been around for so long already, the use of limousines, one way or another will never become obsolete. This means that rich people do not always want the services of a limousine. This insight and foresight half may be true, but it is also necessary for the limousine industry progress and develop to match the growing needs of the rich. Throughout history, the limousine has developed and continues to thrive to this day, suggesting that the limousine will be around for generations to come, one way or another.

Perhaps limousines will be present in the form of hovercraft or spaceship in the distant future, customers not only transport between the hotels, but in and out of planets and solar systems around the galaxy.