15 January 2012

How to Treat Polycystic Kidney Disease

Polycystic kidney disease hospital in Shijiazhuang to see how the treatment? Large clinical study showed that: the majority of patients with polycystic kidney disease is discovered early, "polycystic kidneys" concept is very vague. Only know their kidneys in a long and a lot of "blisters" bad governance. Blisters with the end is simply not clear what, do not know how to treat? Only a clear understanding of the disease, about the treatment of polycystic kidney disease, treatment may be in the "winner" - a good understanding of polycystic kidney, cure polycystic kidney disease. How do I do can help the rehabilitation of it?
Correct treatment of polycystic kidney disease, treatment of the concept of lifting is not correct
Strong family history of polycystic kidney disease patients, all with congenital hereditary, many people found the family after the onset of the disease appear, and even the descendants of the children also suffer from the disease. Parent with an illness, received 50 percent of children and the impact of genes of the cyst, as sick parents, children, the incidence increased by 75%, not the women do not carry disease genes cysts such as polycystic kidney disease with face sex without marriage of their children do not develop the disease, will not be atavistic. Real non-parental inheritance, the gene mutations causing diseases were rare.
To this end, the majority of patients with polycystic kidney disease recently found in the heart will thus lead to fear and stress, loss, blind medical treatment, or is blind know what to do, fall into trouble in the. In the race to treat the majority of patients who are sicker, their common characteristic is to focus on the diseases above, focus on how to cure what the most appropriate medication, what it feels as now, the disease will increase, which kind of food is conducive to treatment, what kind of food is a health hazard, it can not be done, as harmful to the body, how to make a series of disorders into.
In fact, this concern is unnecessary. While the patient is not cured, if the mood is not good, too heavy psychological burden, every fear, worry, fear or despair, ignoring the spirit of the diet modification and adjustment and will greatly affect the clinical outcome. Therefore, patients must first understand the disease, to eliminate this unnecessary difficulty!
Doctors used surgery or puncture, because small cysts, not suitable for the indication of treatment, most people will not deal first with the accused, then a large cyst surgery. Chinese medicine treatment for some people, because the effect slowing down the "rule of the rule is the West," the final result is not obvious, and the loss of confidence, Wu Nai seeing increases cysts.
In fact, polycystic kidney disease is not so terrible, the incidence of polycystic kidney disease hidden in early asymptomatic early stage disease is characterized by the slow progress. Polycystic kidney disease due to the slow, conservative treatment in Chinese medicine is relatively slow, the recovery will take time. Recognizing this, to eliminate "blind urgent" mentality, insist on proper treatment, will control the development of cysts, polycystic kidney disease rehabilitation, no renal failure, uremia.
Remove the ideological concerns of patients and to build trust compliance, increased nutrition, attention to work and rest, increase the body's resistance, the polycystic kidney disease patients should immediately start doing things.
The correct understanding of the pathogenesis, progression attention
Sometimes the polycystic kidney disease patients, although diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, but the body is no exception, but also because of "work" busy, do not want to hospitalization and other reasons, the Early treatment can not be. But this time it should be clear what is the polycystic kidney disease, how to do prevention, how to prepare for future treatment.
Specifically, the polycystic kidney disease in patients with renal dysplasia of tubular epithelial cells is its particularity, as people call it the genetic variation in cell renal tubular epithelial hyperplasia. When the renal tubular epithelial cells in the epithelial cells of the cyst, it has a function of secretion, fluid secretion gradually increased, but not the normal route of excretion with age, a large number of cystic fluid accumulation the formation of cysts. Because there are genetic control elements, so there will be many renal cysts were of varying sizes, is the polycystic kidney disease. When the volume of the cyst increased intracapsular pressure, increase the surface tension of the cyst, this time there will be some sensitive patients back discomfort, feeling of pain.
Should be checked regularly the development of renal cysts, at least twice to check, because there are many examples to prove, in a year or two cysts in patients with an increased diameter of 1 ~ 2 cm, two or three years earlier on low back pain and other symptoms. There are also some patients may be one or two years did not change significantly within the cyst, this time can not be ignored. Since the appearance of cysts of development is both internal and external factors, the result of the cyst with its growth and major changes in the environment, toxic kidney infection, emotions, fatigue, changes in diet and other external factors directly affect the rate of growth of the cyst, a cyst appeared so slow when the rapidly growing phenomenon, with different stages of growth that is not the same characteristics. Therefore, prior to treatment, determined not to ignore or interrupt check. As the saying goes that, afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event, the emergence of many unexplained renal failure or uremia patients are mostly in this case.
Also pre-treatment, regular inspection, in addition to understand the disease but also prevent polycystic kidney disease patients are not conducive to improving a bad mood, you can work easier. If a large cyst has not taken any treatment, even by increasing the number of inspections should be noted, do not do strenuous exercise to prevent rupture of the cyst, from hematuria, weight is easy to cause a kidney infection, so be sure to regularly polycystic kidney disease patients check the urine, kidney and renal B-condition changes found in a timely manner for further processing.
Early treatment to help recovery
Polycystic kidney parenchyma with multiple cysts, the outside looks like a bunch of ripe grapes kidneys. Cysts increases with age also increases, and to promote the progressive development of kidneys, kidney damage, to the detriment of renal function. Thus, polycystic kidney disease, sooner or later "plague", the end of curing early treatment. Cysts preferably small, there is no damage to renal function before treatment.
Polycystic kidney disease is usually divided into four in the first period, because the cysts are small and the number is less, without any clinical symptoms, conservative treatment is the best time to start. With the increasing volume of the cyst, the number gradually increasing for the second, third, fourth development, disease, and further aggravated by the gradual emergence of symptoms occurred, and at the end of their secondary diseases, the most Moreover, and even renal failure, end stage uremia. Delay in processing, with the cyst is growing, by tightening the kidney, the treatment of "worries" increasingly, we can not remove cysts specializing, so effective is also slower.
Reduction in the treatment of polycystic kidney cysts at the same time, but also the repair of damaged tissue from a kidney. Repair damaged kidney tissue is a long, slow process.Therefore, early treatment is very important.
Experts estimate that the hospital in Shijiazhuang Kidney: recognize the disease, the elimination of all negative factors to capture interest when, for time is the best therapeutic approach. Integrative medicine can be taken to complete treatment, the penetration of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of micro-based, targeted inhibition of growth trends in the treatment of the cyst, this method is characterized by: (1) to reduce sources of cyst fluid, the epithelial cells of the cyst inactivation, inhibition of the secretion of cystic fluid, the cyst is growing. (2) increased excretion of fluid cyst, the surface of the cyst to increase in the permeability of the blood circulation and accelerate the excretion of fluid cyst, shrinking cyst.