15 January 2012

Vocational Education - Vital for a Country’s Business Future

Graphics in Education last year highlighted the continuing debate on the attitudes of traditional subjects and more professional. For those who have an interest in the theme such as traditional English and science, the path to success is clearly stated. However, for those with a flair for business and a keen interest in the company, it is not so clear, and teaching experience to date has not always been convincing.

While it is true that the traditional business courses equip students with a wealth of valuable business knowledge, the education system did not look kindly on particular studies undertaken, particularly the theme of the company . Too often, there was confusion between entrepreneurship and business studies. The company is not the mechanics of setting up and managing a business, but a state of mind, confidence that you have the knowledge and the right mindset to succeed. Many people think they are born with it. He could not disagree more. Skills to be more enterprising are real and can be taught.

Not every student has a flair for the education of books, and generally a lot of young people who have a flair for business and the company can not excel through traditional teaching methods. But should we assume that these individuals who do not work will not make successful entrepreneurs? We need more options available for students who are passionate about businesses and companies, but may be unwilling or academic ability to follow the traditional route and agreed to take business studies degrees at postgraduate level. Although there really a place and the need for business courses at higher levels and a high degree, there is still a gap to be bridged.

The main point here is not to reject the traditional business studies courses - they have their rightful place in the education system. However, as we look ahead, we have the opportunity to take a serious look on how to unlock entrepreneurial talent within the country through education a better deal.

Our experience in teaching is that we tend to put everyone, all learners in a room and expect them to learn the same way and at the same rate, but not everyone learn like that. What we need to unlock entrepreneurial talent in the country is to give young people of high quality, practical experience that promotes their skills - and that should start at the beginning of their journey of education, with vocational training is a great opportunity.

Education providers and businesses must learn to work much more efficiently. The country needs entrepreneurs to stimulate the economy and businesses need employees inspired to help their businesses quickly recover the state of recessions and financial crises. To achieve this goal, we need to foster closer ties between the company and the world of education through professional education.