15 January 2012

Washing Face with Cold Water in Winter Is Right or Wrong

All say that washing your face with cold water can help reduce the pores and skin strength. While women can really wash your face with cold water in winter? The answer is no. Especially for oily skin, if we use long-term water wash cold, due to "cold tends to contract" so that the pores shrink and can not wash the accumulation of sebum in the residue of the face , dust and other dirt and cosmetics, not only can not achieve cosmetic results, but it is likely to cause skin diseases like acne, affecting beauty.
The proper cleaning should be clean and without damage to the skin, is the basis of the beauty of the skin. And the right temperature of water is an important condition for the skin clean, cold and hot water are negative to nourish the skin.
Temperature of cold water (20 ℃ or less) convergence functions of the skin, may exercise the skin and make people in a good mood, but the long-term use of cold water to wash your face can cause skin vasoconstriction, and make the skin becomes pale, dry, sebaceous glands, sweat glands reduced secretion, loss of elasticity and premature aging occurs, which is unfavorable to nourish the skin.
Temperature hot water (38 ℃ or more) can relieve pain of the skin and extend the capillary, but if we use often, our skin will defatted, and make the activity of a blood vessel walls decreased, resulting in the pores of the skin and skin tend to become lax and weak, so we make wrinkles.
Appropriate temperature should be around 34 ℃, the temperature slightly higher than the skin, but below body temperature, if we use the hand to test, we have a warm feeling, but we do not feel hot. This hot water can also be used to clean and soothe the skin, which is pleasant skin and relieve fatigue, and has no injuries to the skin.
The correct way to wash your face should be using hot water and hot water for washing alternately, that is, first of all use hot water to wash your face, then along facial muscles and texture to clean mud, but the time should not be long, 3 -4 minutes is appropriate, then use hot clean. Then we can use cold water to wash our face.