29 February 2012

25 Myths And Facts About Cancer You Need to Know But No One Will Tell You

1 - We are not winning the war on cancer and the cure rate is currently only decreased by 5 percent over the past 55 years, said recently in The New York Times.

2 - The cancer industry is to stand submitted by suppressing information about the true healing.

3 - It is not difficult to get rid of cancer, the problem is to stop back and that's where it gets a killer.

4 - Early detection is your best protection is a myth well orchestrated.

5 - We are educated about cancer from television and most of the facts are not true.

6 - Today we have expensive than conventional treatment, a patient subject to much suffering and mutilation, but the yield improvement of survival of only a few months.

7 - There is nothing in surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy that will prevent the spread of cancer.

8 - Blaming faulty genes for cancer is just an excuse to hide the real causes.

9 - Cancer is simply a reminder that you do not live like you're supposed to so it's time to make some changes.

10 - There is no such thing as a drug or treatment that will fix a medical problem that was caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle.

11 - The cancer can not be cured with medicine or drugs, he is cured of knowledge.

12 - Cancer is not taken, your body develops it to learn how your body has developed and why.

13 - the cure of cancer is all about educating yourself so you can stop doing the things she causes and start doing things that heal.

14 - You can never underestimate the importance of nutrition beating cancer, that's all.

15 - The first step in ridding the body of cancer is to eat less refined sugar, white flour and animal fat.

16 - The world's most powerful substances to fight against cancer are right under our noses in the form of our natural food.

17 - Natural remedies for cancer are not miracle cures, they are common sense solutions.

18 - Even if you have radiotherapy or chemotherapy you still need to make changes in lifestyle because if you do not have the cancer return.

19 - The key to healing the body from cancer is to treat the causes and not just treating the symptoms.

20 - It was proved 80 years ago that cancer cells can not live in the presence of oxygen to exercising.

21 - Cancer is preventable, manageable and often curable, but it is up to you and anyone else to make the effort.

22 - There is a way to become cancer free, but it is not without posing a formidable challenge because it means making changes.

23 - We must never forget that our main weapon against cancer is our own body, which is the immune system.

24 - Natural medicine is both safe and effective and the only side effect is the improvement of wellbeing.

25 - Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance.

In treating cancer, it is important to realize that it is a disease of the whole body and tumor growth is only a symptom of the disease. This means that you must treat and support the entire body for the fight.