29 February 2012

3 Popular People Who Made It Through Cancer

Everyone knows that as you breathe and continues to do certain activities in your life, you tend to get cancer. Cancer is a disease that can affect and kill anyone on this earth. Anyone can be a beneficiary does not, it attacks the rich and poor, a politician, a president, a teacher, a scientist as well as celebrities.

Today, in our generation, cancer cases are still climbing. However, cases of survival have also been increasing. And we want to know exactly how these cancer victims survived a deadly disease, they tried to undergo some alternative cancer treatments? Or did they just focus on making standard cancer treatments or maybe they did both. This is the list of famous people who have been diagnosed with cancer and it made through.

1. Kate Jackson - who can not fail to remember Sabrina Duncan in the series Charlie's Angels television in the 1970s? It is probably one of the most popular characters in the series Charlie's Angels "at the beginning. She was a survivor of cancer twice breast; the first time she was diagnosed with cancer in 1987 was just after the end of Scarecrow and Mrs. King TV series. She managed to return to the TV and shoot for the baby boom, but the series lasted one season, because the public does not have to love it. In 1989, her breast cancer reappeared when she was featured in a series called Lover Boy. It has successfully passed through both his cancer and that's why it was included and became a cover of People magazine in May 1992. In his feature film, she shared how life-changing and inspiring were his trials.

2. Rod Stewart - Hot Legs, Sailing and I do not want to talk about it, are three of the biggest hits that made Rod Stewart one of the most famous singing sensation. However, as we all know cancer does not respect anyone. He does not care exactly how important you are or just how you are, Rod learned he had a malignant thyroid gland in his throat while making a routine examination in 2000. He, for now, stopped singing to undergo surgery to his throat. The cancer was surgically removed and Rod finally returned to his first love who sings after his operation. He informed everyone that he felt much better after this operation.

3. Lance Armstrong - Tour de France is what made Lance Armstrong famous and dominate the world of cycling. It is among the most famous cyclists, winning the Tour de France seven times! It was after his seventh consecutive victory when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is a cancer developed in the testes which is part of the male reproductive system. He was diagnosed with cancer of the third floor in 1996, and cancer cells have spread throughout his lungs and brain. Although everyone knows that it is impossible for him to pass through, it went through two surgeries to remove his testicular cancer and another to remove the one in his brain. He eventually survived and educated himself about the disease, and at one time inspired to create a foundation in 2008, which was named "Lance Armstrong Foundation and Demand Media."

These people are certainly much more like us, they have the same body parts that look like us. The thing is, nobody is exempt from cancer. No one can get by popular when it hits. Get encouragement from these people, they never lost hope, they decided to live, that's why God gave them another chance at life. If you are identified as having cancer today, use it as an inspiration to others.

You may want to try to make alternative cancer treatments. Whatever you may think this is useful and will help you to do. And use your tale of life as an inspiration to others. You may not be as well known of these celebrities, but gives grace to the disease could make you even popular than before, because you have inspired and used the lessons in your life to help others.