18 February 2012

Basics On Dog Obedience Training

The dog obedience training is absolutely essential to have a well behaved pet. Training can range from basic skills training to advance training such as guiding the owner to safety, taking care of small children and more. There are a number of competitions which are organized by various kennel clubs to test the level of obedience in dogs. These are events where pets score points for the following commands exactly. Judges to evaluate their overall performance and award prizes. These are events that are popular among pet owners, trainers and managers who usually have a good time while training these dogs.

Training requires patience and perseverance. Training basic dog obedience can take between 6 to 10 weeks. The training process should be made enjoyable for the dog too. Dogs require a lot of love and care. There are times when dogs may not respond to commands immediately. At these times, the trainer should repeat commands smoothly, still assertive and persuasive. Some dogs take to training very well and the whole process can be quite easy. However, there are dogs that are very capricious and must be handled carefully. Using dog training collars in the training process is recommended.

Once the puppy is brought home, give it time for a few weeks and slowly start training. Contact the puppy is absolutely essential for pet owners. The puppy may not be able to understand the words first, but keep repeating them anyway. They tend to recognize the key in which you speak rather than the word itself. Training is a gradual process and needs of small to be at least two months before starting training. Try it and give treats puppy if it obeys orders. Simple commands like "sit" or "wait" can be taught from the beginning. Dog training collars help in the fight against bad behavior and also help to strengthen controls. The dog obedience training can be done at home or you can hire professional help.

Generally, there are at least two people involved in dog obedience training. The trainer and the manager will coordinate the training sessions in a way their skills are put to better use. Sometimes, two roles can be performed by one person. Obedience training will depend on a number of factors such as the breed of dog, the skills of the manager and trainers, the method of training and more.

The dog obedience training can be completed successfully if there is an important link between the trainer, manager, and the dog. Once the trainer and manager get to spend some time with the dog, they will be in a better position to communicate with the dog. Orders are usually given one at a time, to ensure that the dog does not get confused. Lets check is the first step in the training process, where the dog learns to walk like she was on a leash. Dog training collars are useful early in the training process.