25 February 2012

Be More Engaging with Outdoor Digital Advertising

Advertisements have to lobby so that consumers will be interested in what the brand wants to communicate. And technology has made it a lot easier to perform for advertisers. New digital tools are used to advertise more interactive and fun for consumers. Outdoor digital advertising provides the ultimate in targeting behavior. He is able to capture active consumers when they are most receptive to marketing messages. It has the ability to engage and deliver messages in a relevant context. The sales of digital outdoor advertising rose 15.1 percent to $ 2.07 billion in 2010. Network segment digital place-based was worth $ 1.54 billion while spending totaled digital panel 532 million. This year, revenues from digital outdoor advertising rose 16.7 percent to more than additional $ 2.4 billion.

For the advertising industry, every single ad dollar must work double time and that is why the digital outdoor advertising has become a highly sought after media choice because it is able to engage consumers who are still on the road. Over 85 percent of media planners are going to use digital media in 2012 representing an increase of 75 percent this year.

External digital media is able to deliver content that provides background information, entertainment and brand message to millions of viewers every day. Digital media is also able to increase the rate of consumer Announces Recall. 47 percent of those who saw an outdoor digital media in the past month could recall seeing a specific ad and 19 percent said they did an unplanned purchase after seeing an article presented on the announcement.

A great advantage of digital outdoor advertising and marketing is that the consumer is already there and it is no longer a matter of finding the consumer, but a question of engaging them. It is also able to deliver the brand message to specific audiences much more effectively than a media campaign.

Social and mobile applications are changing the way consumers interact with digital outdoor advertising. There are new digital media such as Near Field Communication (NFC) which allows consumers to close to a digital display to connect to get more information or to receive special offers. Location-based applications and contextual targeting integrated digital outdoor advertising helps to deepen the consumer and brand engagement. There are also ads that use facial recognition technology. These technologies have made it easier for advertisers and any outside advertising agency to create engaging and interactive advertising.