26 February 2012

Biblical Principles and Ethics For Thinking!

The laws of thought to provide biblical principles and ethics of thinking. The principal is made by God to provoke thought is biblical, Bishop Jordan the author of the laws of thought wanted to teach the principles of thought which is written in the Bible to believe. God has the power of thought and it is the only one who can direct the right way of thinking, but as we all know that God does nothing except get the message to his prophet, who is chosen to work for God. Bishop Jordan, the prophet of God wanted to point you in the right direction of thought by the directors in its biblical book of Acts suggests he described the 20 Secrets to Using the Divine Power of your mind to manifest prosperity . His motive behind this book is not to teach you how to think but the right way to think of ways to follow God's mind.

Spiritual thought is the way to get God's plan in your mind and the reason Bishop is to increase this spiritual space in your mind, we are all connected with God until we do, he said, and the connection will destroyed the day you make against God. Now you think I know how and that which is against God's favor? Spiritual thought is the lesson of this issue, when you begin to grow spiritually, you will then be able to understand God's plan. The greatest example of spiritual thought is Zoe ministries that began with a thought of Master E. Prophet Bernard Jordan, a spiritual thought. Ethics are to follow, but we do not understand these ethics for how to follow them, Bishop Jordan has wanted to teach us about the ethics and principles with his writing power.

Bishop Jordan is the modern prophet and his prophecy was based on the life of today, he knows that money is the condition of human beings and so are its laws to make money with common sense. Now! How the laws of thought work? He works on spiritual thought by providing answers to questions like what is the purpose of life, what is God's plan for us and how we can achieve prosperity in our lives. The spiritual power of our mind is hidden and exercises bishop of the laws of thought helps you find the hidden power. Do not think that the laws of thought is for the person who is sick or depressed, it is difficult and demanding. A holy life is the right way to connect with God and we make up our mind with the help of the holy life.