29 February 2012

Cancer Alkaline Diet Is Not a Myth

What is an alkaline diet? And why is it important? Several years ago I read the book of Gunther on raw foods and I discovered the power of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs. Many people were healed of serious illness or incurable. This is why a raw food diet is the perfect food cancer alkaline.

This for me was incredible. Where does the power of raw food come from?

The fact is by treating our food, especially by heat, we change it chemically. If raw foods are processed using temperatures above the temperature of our body, they become acidic. And eating acidic food, we become more and more acidic.

The years pass and this imbalance acid / alkaline report provides the first results. Diseases appear. And if the acid buildup continues, it is very likely that some form of cancer appears.

Cancer appears only when a body is acid. Normally, a healthy person should be around 80% alkaline and 20% acid. But because of the type of food we eat, this is reversed. It becomes acid, 80% or more.

Thus, the body becomes an ideal breeding ground for diseases.

To heal ourselves, we must reverse the process and alkalize our body. And when we are back to normal alkaline / acid ratio, the disease would have disappeared.

Food that meets these criteria and is able to alkalize the body is raw food.

Besides the fact that cooked, fried, cooked food is acid, it is also dead. Enzymes, which constitute the power of life, are destroyed when heated, not much higher degrees, above the temperature of our body.

This makes our food both acid and died. It's a deadly combination!

The solution to cure cancer is a cancer alkaline diet. This is the main idea. Of course, there are many things to know, but basically this is the point.

Place to eat raw foods and you'll be on your way to recover your health.

I know at first this may seem a daunting task. To change a "normal" diet so drastically. But in reality this is not. It can even be fun when done correctly.

It becomes a journey to recover your health and live a life full of energy and achievements. It can be a turning point in your life.

Remember that everything works together for your good. Make the best decision and you will find a blessing in disguise. Cancer alkaline diet is not a myth.