25 February 2012

Christmas Quizzes: Fun to Conduct

These days, Christmas trivia quizzes have become extremely popular among the many bars, associations, clubs, pubs and even churches. In this article you will find some tips you can use to set a good Christmas quiz. If you follow these tips seriously, but certainly everyone attending your quiz have a wonderful time.
Christmas Trivia Quiz are similar to other types of questionnaires, but the only different is that it takes place over Christmas and New Year only. You can make your Christmas quiz quite interesting by following certain tips which include:

First, you must ensure you have enough room for the expected participants. You can also provide a separate table for each individual in order to avoid any form of cheating. However, if a large crowd of people turned out for the quiz, then try to make the best use of available space and confidence in the honesty.

Provide answer sheet for writing answers. You can easily design a simple answer sheet using Microsoft Excel. Once you have designed an answer sheet, you can copy for each team or candidate. If you can spend money, then it is also desirable to provide your competitors with a pen. However, if you do not have enough money, one thing you can do is kept some spare pens for those candidates who forgot to bring a pen.

Establish rules for each team. Since you are the organizer of the Christmas quiz, you must decide how many players will make one team. Ideally it is better to make a team of 4 players. However, it is your decision, you can also opt for 5 or 6 or even number of players.

Announce all the rules before starting the quiz. It is essential for you to say all the rules to the participants before starting the quiz. Also announce that five points will be penalized if someone is caught cheating. Apart from that, you should not allow mobile phones when the candidate is using the toilet. You can also deduct some points if the candidate is to discuss with you unnecessarily.

Set a time limit for your Christmas quiz. It is important to note that the time for questions are quite difficult to implement. If the questions are simple, you can give half a minute for each question.