24 February 2012

Comprehensively Comprehend Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is widely applied in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical and phosphatic industry. Cone crusher is suitable for hard rock and medium-hard and minerals such as iron ores, copper ores, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc.The following are features and advantages of sand making the machine on the cone crusher.

(1) along the inner surface of the lower grinding material, generally ore mainly exist in nature with irregular crystals form, vibrating cone crusher of these crystals along the internal interface defects or broken, thus eliminating defects, the most to maintain the original shape of the crystal. River sand for the use of the building can not meet this requirement, artificial sand solve the shortage of natural sand, impact crushers are used in the past. General eccentric cone crusher, rod mill can not eliminate defects of sand, and some even can not guarantee the basic shape, and use vibrating crusher, and strictly control the size of overwhelming force, may produce multi-grain level, isometric particles and small defect significantly increased the strength of the building, crushing ratio can be over 30, it is adjustable in the range from 4 to 30, and can reduce the material to be crushed more.

(2) When the discharge gap increases (such as the hammer pad wear and tear) will not increase the average particle size of broken products, it can start and stop with a load.

(3) When the foreign body can not be broken in the crushing chamber, the reader will not cause an overload or damage; It can reduce the number of broken segments: streamline processes, reduce the number of auxiliary equipment .

(4) Without dosing unit to power the mill; It does not need heavy foundation structures, may reduce investment in the construction of 20 to 30%.

(5) It may be more dynamic beat frequency of the hammer, increase production and the rupture rate,. Using a quality reference oscillator, eccentric plasmid, a lot of resonance, consisting of a flexible system can achieve sub-resonance, near resonance, the resonance much to design the vibration mode shapes of crusher different cone.

(6) It has no inertia cone crusher ball, so that manufacturing is very simple, the same size with lower price; Crusher is easy to adjust. Crushing operation for some time, such as changes in the size of nesting, and perhaps adjust the marker size, adjust the angle between the main block and eccentric, when a = 0 °, the tensile strength can be maximized.