23 February 2012

Driving Licence Could Fine You £1000

There are 1.6 million passengers who may be at risk for a criminal offense and driving a £ 1,000 fine because they are generally not yet aware? Are you one of them?

In fact, 1.6 million have left the period, and another 2.9 million are at risk.
Most of us have not a clue is that the photo card license attached to our paper has a termination date, and if we fail to renew our driver's license by date maturity we may be liable to a huge penalty.


British riders are required to manage their photos on their photo card driving license during each year of 10 (According to DVLA), and British law requires drivers to renew their license if they are or not conductors.

Sainsbury's car insurance has revealed that 1.6 million photographs of the drivers have expired on their licenses and 2.9 million other needs that must be renewed by the end of 2012. They presented a request for access to information to check how many cards had expired unnoticed. In fact, over the next five years 13 million of us will need to renew our photo cards.

The inspections revealed that only one in three had no idea that their permit had expired, this result was shocking. Additional 10 million people do not even know when their license expires and 14% of expired licenses, Keds were the maturity date from 2009 or before the notice period.


It appears as an insignificant little management, but in general, could be immense. There could hardly implementation by the cops, after exhausting photo on your driver's license carries a £ 1000 fine (section 99 (5) of the Road Traffic Act 1988).

Sainsbury Research has found that nearly 29% of runners know the fine. Almost (41%) of drivers are not bike being aware of the consequences of a photograph of their expired driver's license.

Drivers should remember that their license photo card is more than just a driving license or provisional license. We need to prefer to use it as a form of identification for other things such as hiring a car or a domestic flight, such as having a date to photography could cause trouble or expected.

Photo driving license card was introduced in 1998. Many people can not remember that they need to update their photo. We encourage all drivers to check on their photo card was issued and ensure that they manage to update their picture when necessary to avoid risking a fine of £ 1000.