23 February 2012

Existing Patio Door Locks May Not Be Enough To Protect Your Home

Many owners make a mistake too common when it comes to reaching their homes: Based on the patio door locks are fitted on the standard sliding glass doors. While many people think that their sliding doors are secure enough, it is mainly due to the fact that many of them are not aware that the doors may be one of the easiest entry points for an intruder.

Sliding doors are secured by locks, locks No

Among the many reasons that burglars favor sliding glass doors as their entry point is the fact that the mechanisms that hold them closed is not really a lock. Rather, the pins that hold the cursor in place are simple locks. These little pins are responsible for stopping a door from being forced high, and unfortunately they do not always live up to their expectations.

Pins that have been made with the craft of inferior quality or installed by an amateur can often become loose and fall out of their position. This considerably weakens security, even if nothing seems abnormal during the inspection fast.

Sliders can be easily lifted out of their securities

Owners who fail to carry out routine maintenance of their sliders facing bigger problems than the occasional cursor becoming stuck. Rollers that are in poor condition or are ill-equipped are the easiest to open doors for intruders, even if their resources can be very different than expected.

Sliders that are equipped with rollers inadequate can easily be lifted from their tracks, even outside the house. While some people may think that placing a pin in the pistes prevent unwanted predators from entering their home, it will only discourage them from sliding the door open.

Patio Door Locks If special be used to secure Sliders

Rather than relying on low prices and sometimes ineffective blocking, homeowners should consider having patio door locks installed on all their sliding doors. There are many different types of patio door locks that can be installed as a DIY project or a residential locksmith.

Means to ensure cursor is to install track locking which can be screwed into the door, which prevent cursors to be forced to the horizontal. Foot operated locks patio in the same way, and they require only the push of a foot to engage and release the locking mechanism.

To prevent the doors from being lifted off their tracks, choose one that contains a lock pin which is inserted through both the slide and frame. These locks are usually placed at the top of the frame, which works well for some families due to the fact that they are out of reach of small children.

Key locks patio are also a great option for getting the hall otherwise vulnerable. Key locks patio allow the homeowner to access from outside, which is not standard for most sliders. Having this type of lock may require the work of a residential locksmith, because of the demands of the most complex installation.