29 February 2012

Fighting Cancer With Food

You never know how unhealthy you are until you get really healthy. Speaking of the fight against cancer with food, you have probably heard that "More than a third of all cancers could be prevented by changes in diet and exercise". The truth is ALL cancer can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle, including diet.

Do you know that there are people for whom cancer is unknown? They live over 100 years and they get plenty of chronic diseases, including cancer. Their diet mainly consists of raw foods and they eat very little meat.

Much research has shown that a vegetarian diet is best, the best diet for humans. Actually to be more precise, the man was made to be a fruitarian. That means eating fruits only. Anyway, the fruits have more energy than vegetables.

But both the fruit and vegetables, are the foundation of a system of fight against cancer with food, the food you eat every day.

I do not know if you truly believe that food can have such power, but I believe and I proved it my own life.

Thinking about the billions of dollars spent on research organization to find a cure against cancer, something like a pill you take and cancer disappears, or a pill that prevents cancer from ever forming in your body, makes me wonder: to discover this?

The solution was right under our noses for hundreds of years. We do not have to reinvent the wheel. Especially if we can not do.

Cancer growth in recent decades, in the last century, is directly connected with the change of habits in our daily diet.

So there will be no miracle pill to cure cancer, but there is such a solution, which means the fight against cancer with food.

Becoming a vegetarian is the best decision you could make. And not only to prevent or cure cancer. The benefits are numerous.

But, if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, the best decision you could do is to become a vegetarian.

Not any type of vegetarian, but the benefits would show a certain extent, even if you adopt a "classic" style vegetarian. I mean, keep the same style of cooking, but the removal or replacement of meat and other animal feed.

However, the benefits will stimulate a lot if you adopt a lifestyle of raw food vegetarian. You do not have to do it right away. Change must be gradual. And then you can keep a comfortable level for a long trip.

Do not let the thought of the difficulty of changing the diet makes you cringe. There are some very good programs that could help you make the transition an easy and simple, and even be fun.

This way, you could be the fight against cancer with food, raw food, to be precise.