25 February 2012

How Many Weeks is a Pregnancy Symptoms

It is very important to know how many weeks pregnant you are in. It is essential to keep an eye on how far along are you in your design that means you are able to determine the development of your baby. By date of your pregnancy, you can be prepared for the experience of life to come because of the transformation comception. In addition, you will be able to understand the steps necessary to have a healthy baby.

How many weeks of pregnancy

In general, pregnancy is divided into three terms. The first quarter includes the first three months of pregnancy, the second quarter includes four to six months of your pregnancy, and finally, the third trimester of pregnancy covers seventh to ninth month of pregnancy.

Each of these quarters is of course different from each other in terms of symptoms and activities. In your first trimester, expect drastic changes from the body as preparation for the growth of your baby. On your first four to six weeks, you will see how your belly begins to swell.

On your 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, you will see how your abdomen lower abdomen grow as well. Because inside the fetus began to grow, it is obvious that your belly will grow as well. It is during this phase that you should not wear jeans, belts or anything that has a tight waist.

Make sure you have scheduled an appointment with your doctor. A regular appointment with your doctor is very important to monitor the date of your pregnancy. Your fertility specialist should provide you with a new system plan. Generally, your fertility specialist recommends that you eat meals and foods high in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables. Your doctor also may prescribe with folic acid to stimulate the development of your baby's bones and brain.

When you reach your 16th to 24th week, you should be told by your doctor to do daily exercises to prevent pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. You should also prevent you from exercising stressful activities.

The last quarter is the most crucial phase of your pregnancy. Make sure you stay away from all the stress and be well prepared for the birth of the child.

How many weeks of pregnancy: advice for the preparation Last

There are two ways on how to determine how many weeks into a pregnancy you are in. One way is to count the days since your last menstrual period. It is the oldest method in the book. This method offers to have a record of your menstrual cycle and to monitor how many weeks pregnant you are in. This should give you about 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Another way is to count the weeks since ovulation has occurred. Since ovulation does not occur after 2 weeks, it is suggested to date the pregnancy from the beginning of ovulation.