25 February 2012

How To Burn Various MP4 Videos To Amazing Dvds As Gifts

MP4 (MPEG Part 14) is a container format video that was presented by Microsoft and with the widespread use of this format by Apple Inc. It is now a very popular video container format. It can now be found all over the Internet. For its excellent compression capability (ie smaller) without affecting the audio and video quality and other benefits, it is also used by digital cameras and camcorders to capture video.

As an amateur videographer, I am always with my cam handy and I take lots of pictures everywhere I go and everyone I meet. I somehow make a video profile of the person I meet or the place or location that I go and when it comes anyway, I'm the busiest person I run around to catch every moment in my camcorder. As a result of all these activities taking video, I have many videos on my hard drive. I mostly use the MP4 format because it is easier to work with, it takes less space than other formats such as video and I'm on Mac, MP4 is a user friendly format.

Currently, I thought of making a video to present as a gift to my family and friends. As I got thousands of videos of my family events of the family, such as weddings, anniversaries and other videos etc. and friend, I thought to make two or three videos flashback with all the videos I have.

Then I can share video DVD with family members at home and friends in the big screen television as a New Year gift. I can also send the DVD to family members who are far away. This way we can all enjoy and remember the year that we left behind.
So I started on the videos and I made two videos. A video is for my family and others for my friends. They were both in MP4 format to other video formats that were taking up too much space to burn on one DVD. After burning the first DVD, I decided to see if it works in the DVD.

When I tried, I found I was frustrated because it did not work. So I checked online and I discovered that the DVD player can only play a VOB Video (Video Object) and there are other things I have to do besides converting the video format run it in a DVD. So I looked for a MP4 to DVD converter which will do all the work for me. I used Aimersoft DVD Creator is an excellent tool for creating DVDs.

At first I did not plan for a DVD menu, but as with Aimersoft DVD Creator allows the user to easily create DVD menus I found myself with a fresh menu for my two DVD. The DVD menu templates were free, it was a very well too. The software is easy to use for designing the user interface that is made for ease of use.