29 February 2012

How to Eliminate Cancer Naturally Without Harming the Patient

Cancer is a growth abroad that appeared because of the way we live today. It is a disease that can never be completely cured by a drug or treatment, but can be brought under control by correcting the reasons why it first grew. The way we treat cancer is now on the removal of tumors themselves and treatments are extremely profitable. No one can take to treat cancer naturally which is why this way of overcoming the problem will not be offered.

Cancer is similar to the disease of scurvy was common 200 years ago when the sailors went to sea for long periods without fresh food. Scurvy is a deficiency of vitamin C and can be corrected by eating something containing vitamin missing. Cancer is a deficiency disease caused by our consumption of refined products too which enabled self-repair system of the body is the immune system to become suppressed. With a suppressed immune system of the body can not control cell division, which runs continuously so that they divide without control and become cancerous.

This way of treating cancer naturally works, because it strengthens the immune system, which must be maintained, not removed. Although it may be useful to remove some of the cancer to minor surgery, treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy suppresses the immune system, which is of course the exact opposite of what you need to reach. These treatments affect the body due to their toxicity and are often of little help.

Conventional treatments are now a search and destroy mission with little thought has been done about the damage to the human body. Radiation burns the body and weakens the immune system and chemotherapy destroys the immune system over time because it is a poison. The human body is cleverly to heal, but it needs your support and only you can provide.

What you need is information, especially on foods to eat and foods to avoid that our health is directly related to the type of food we eat. This is mainly due to good nutrition that you can support the body's immune system will help to eliminate the growth of cancer naturally. It works for all cancers and it works for everyone. Other changes are needed some exercise, some sun and lots of rest and sleep.

Cancer is simply a wake up call that you do something wrong and the growths were just a symptom and not the problem. If you are serious about your cancer, it means making some lifestyle changes important for forever and never come back to life the way you were, which is the cause.

You should never forget that the main weapon against cancer, it is your body, the immune system and this system when working properly will keep you healthy. The body does not need a treatment that causes additional damage, especially one that is only treating the symptoms not the problem.