29 February 2012

How To Understand What Can Cause Cancer

What has become the most frightening dis-ease that afflicts modern times. The very name strikes terror in the hearts when they are diagnosed. As soon as the doctor or specialist utters these words - our immune system hits the ground - we see no way out - the shock itself is the worst!

You may notice how I spelled the word dis-ease, instead of in the most normal and accepted the disease. There is a reason for that - we tend to forget what our words really mean today when we are so used to them out of context if you will. Dis-ease means exactly that - a body that is more comfortable with himself. A body that has begun to address as his immune system is very low. (That's why I mentioned the shock of the statement by the specialist or the doctor - a guarantee of immunity lower already low!)

Have you ever wondered what is cancer? It can be simplified by having a long history of pain - emotional pain - which has never been addressed in the life of that person. Like a garden, it must be fed and watered for its expansion. Fed and watered with what? Negative emotions. Low self-esteem. Perceived lack of love. Lack of joy. Bitterness, anger, fear, resentment, pain - this is a long list and I could write a lot about the emotions themselves, but for the love of the subject, I'll just explain how they affect the body so badly.

If the profession of general practice could see a little differently to the way they do now - perhaps the note could be taken that this person is sitting in front of them. What is life? Are they happy? Were they in a stressful time? (Dirk Hamer came with what is now called Dirk Hamer Syndrome, which states that a person with intense stress for up to two years without interruption will be to develop a tumor - pretty strong statement, but I have seen, in fact, with my own sister).

So how much of these emotions should play in creating cancer? Alternative medicine - or the area I work in and have specialized over the years - understands that emotions are the first port of call for any illness or dis-ease in the body. If this negative emotion is not treated, it will manifest on the physical level. So it starts at the mental level, ie the way we perceive a problem, trauma or stress and then if allowed, it will be on an emotional level - this is where it will join to the corresponding organ for emotion and if allowed to stay here, he will become a real physical problem in that organ or system.

Just to give you an overview of how my colleagues and I see or feel the emotions where to stay - and deep enough over the years and years - as a plant if it is watered it will grow!

The heart is clear - this is love. You've heard the phrase "death of a broken heart." Well in a sense this is true. A couple who have been together for years and years, then one of them dies the other does not want to literally go without them. This thought process becomes almost a choice at this stage and the heart does not give. They do not want to live - if one follows the other fairly quickly in many cases.

The liver is the seat of the most primitive of all emotions - anger.

Grief can be found in the lungs - after a shock or a loss we often get bronchitis or similar.

The kidneys are damaged by our fears

Our blood is the river of our life - depending on how the flow will depend on how the blood flows. Once I had a patient with a severe problem with blood and his message, over and over again to herself, whenever she saw was something that distressed her - "that makes my blood boil" - if it did!

That this resonates with you or not-over the years it has become quite clear that the burden of these toxic emotions if they are not treated, will occur at the highest level - in a tumor. So ..... if we can create this situation in our bodies hung with these emotions, then the other side of the coin says that we are particularly powerful for discreate when we become aware! Surely this is good news? Once the realization is there then we can look within to solve the problem that created the tumor in the first place.

No amount of drugs that destroy immune will remove the real cause of cancer - they will just further suppress an immune system already damaged - damaged by our emotions and the inability to deal with them at the point of release. That is why the medical system in place today will never "cure" against cancer. Yes, they can help people at the stage of delivery - but this is short term. There are very few success stories out there of long-term remission or 'cure' by following the standard procedures for medical cut, burn and destroy chemically. Why? Because the cause has not yet been addressed. The body still holds the mark and the lesson was not learned. When it is - then the body will make repairs and cancer is no longer necessary.

Take a look at metaphysics - to learn to understand the cause of your particular variety of cancer and then begin work to undertake the task of dismantling all that created it. Help your body through this process by feeding the right, the right thought, right exercise, and take back your power - remember - if you can create, then you can uncreate!