25 February 2012

I’m going to my mom, are you?

Mother's Day is a $ 14 billion industry in the United States. Taken together the activities of all the countries that celebrate Mother's Day in honor of nature's most favored state-maternity-faces more than $ 100 billion.

Mother's Day is celebrated around the world, most of them in the first or second Sunday of May. India is the second Sunday. And, sanctified by tradition and seasoned with universal love for motherhood today is special for everyone because, uh, you know, everybody has a mom.

Now, barely three months left and there is much to gain in business as any loving service would pay their respect and love for their mothers with empty hands. Imagination is to add gift for mothers. What are they and what is fashionable this season?

The question, and a reasonable, is: can you adequately thank you enough for your own mother for everything she has done for you? Honestly, no. But, man must express his gratitude and love somehow symbolic, however.

Now, this is not a decision that someone else can do for you. Because only you can appreciate what she would like. This is not the price of the fabric, it will be the value, for sure. This is the care you have taken to understand his feelings that matters. It could be a pen, a purse, a diamond, a health kit, umbrella, even a bouquet of flowers.