26 February 2012

Know Something Informative on New York Medical Center

As the largest city in the U.S., the city of New York has many reputable medical treatment facilities and medical center is one of these facilities. One of the medical centers of New York dates back to 1841, and proudly boasts of first establishing the service of the nation for pregnant women to give birth. The medical center also boasts the first ambulance service provided to residents of the United States.

The medical center is proud of its medical research facilities that are attached to the university. This allows medical students to have a facility right on campus, allowing them to obtain the best hands on experiences and lessons of doctors in all fields of medical services. Students are also involved in medical research studies that are conducted annually by the University and conducted in the center. At one point there are over 700 medical students who are studying and learning in the medical center. The education offered to pupils is considered a vital component of the hospital and its history. The research department has received more than $ 250 million, in 2010 alone, to conduct all kinds of research studies.

The medical center also reports that he has as a center of attention, care and consideration of each and every patient. At the heart of this approach is to make the patient as comfortable and secure as possible while offering the best treatments available when they are admitted to the medical complex. Patients are invited to give their views through surveys and questionnaires and verbal conversations with experts in patient care. Patient satisfaction is essential because each individual has a choice to go for treatment.

The medical center has over 1000 beds available for patients with more than 70 operating rooms to accommodate a greater number of surgical procedures daily. With these capabilities, the center was able to provide patients with more than 2,000 registered nurses who are able to provide the best quality care. In fact, quality is so important that the center received the gold standard for performance of the Joint Commission on Hospital Review, which monitors and inspects all hospitals across the country each year.

Future plans for the center includes a major expansion of ambulatory care centers, who have minor or even daily operating procedures, chemotherapy for cancer, wound clinics, etc. The objective is to increase the amount of space and services for people in order not to keep people waiting too long for help. Another future direction is to have expanded outpatient clinic space to treat people who have common problems that are the result of arthritis, joint injuries, etc. This space will house state of the art scanning machines that will help doctors to come up with more timely diagnosis, to be able to plan appropriate treatment. The future looks very promising both for the medical center of New York and people residing in and around the New York to receive the best quality care.