23 February 2012

List of Museum to Visit in San Francisco Holidays

San Francisco is the perfect place to plan vacations with family and friends. It is considered the cultural, financial and transportation of the San Francisco Bay. This city is more than a destination as it offers a wide variety of landscapes and sights to enjoy a holiday in San Francisco. Tourists who are interested in history and culture of this place can explore the most beautiful museums in the city. Some well-known museums of the city are explained below.

Fortune Cookie Museum: Try cookies original California

Fortune Cookie Museum is an interesting plant cookies. It is located in the driveway Ross, San Francisco, California. This is very interesting place for lovers of fortune cookies. The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is home to the city museum Fortune Cookie. In this plant, you can see the process of making biscuits in California. While planning a vacation to San Francisco to visit the factory to see the amazing varieties of biscuits. At this fortune cookie place was invented long ago. The plant processes to produce confusion 20,000 fortune cookies each day and sells bags of cookies that are, quite logically, price. The museum is open daily and admission is free here.

Pardee Home Museum: Popular Historic Landmark

Pardee Home Museum is widely regarded as one of the most extraordinary historical monuments in this part of the United States. It was built in 1868 and is located in Oakland, California. The Pardee Home Museum was owned by a wealthy family from California who had an important role in state and local policy. It is close to the city and is part of the District of preservation of the historical park. He attributes an outstanding, with many features capitals. Most famous are the tobacco pipes launched from the Philippines, traditional furniture and carriage house of origin. If you enjoy holidays in San Francisco book your guided tours of this area. It is only open on Wednesday and second Saturday and Sunday of the month. Private group tours can also be held between Tuesday and Sunday admission is here to support and children aged under 12 are free.

California Academy of Sciences: The ideal place for lovers of science

California Academy of Sciences was built in the mid 19th century, but moved to its new position in 2008. It is located in Golden Gate Park and open daily. In your visits to San Francisco to visit this place which has been praised for its sustainable design and environmentally friendly. Attractions here really abundant and come in the form of Morison Planetarium, Kimball Natural History Museum and Hall African and more.