26 February 2012

Looking For Salvation!

When you feel hell inside you and you are looking for salvation from disease, poverty, sadness and depression, then it is the only way to salvation and that is the prophetic prayer. Prophetic prayer can free you from hell you have. God is the Liberator, it will definitely set you free from any pain, but you need to apologize because you have everything in life is not planned by God, it's because of our sin; for which we suffer. Suffering is a mistake you made in your past and sometimes this error becomes a sin, which is against God, you are not able to get out of it because you are in the grip of sin. The claws of sin are very strong so we can not break them, only a mature spiritual person; that the Holy Spirit to break the grip of sin, the prophet of God can break.

The failure mode clutches is prophetic prayer, then believe the prophet of God and submit your name in the list prophetic prayer. Bishop Jordan, master prophet, whose prayer to God is not able neglect, is available online prophetic prayer. This is the path that God has chosen to free you from hell and he chose Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan for the job because his prayer is very powerful and the miracles he performed by his prophetic prayer are unforgettable. His prophetic spirit is very powerful and efficient in the sense of prophecy, he can see your future, past and present when you submit your intension of prayer to the Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, and his prophetic spirit seems to be the reason for your pain and start asking God's forgiveness on your behalf.

His love for people make him the best prophet, he wanted to give all the gifts of life for everyone such as intelligence, prosperity and love. His books laws of prosperity teaching you how to be successful in this book, he defined the money the gift of not evil of God, and the difference is only how you win money? Making money and success is the desire of so many people, but including the plan of God in your path to prosperity is the single most successful to be successful. Spiritual thought process is to understand God's plan and Bishop Jordan wanted to teach the lesson of thinking? His book of Acts suggests that the 20 secrets of using the divine power of your mind to manifest prosperity.

Bishop Jordan is the person of God and he wanted to convey the words of God in every corner of the world. Laws of thinking you safe from the clutches of sins by the growth of your spiritual thought, grew spiritually as a person is able to understand God's plan and he will never do anything that is against God, which is why Bishop Bernard Jordan wanted to teach you the lesson of the holy life, a good way to live. In fact, we are not aware of sins or you can say that we do not know what that is against God and what is not. Awareness comes when you start to grow spiritually as a spiritual mind understands what should I do? It never works against God. So the holy life is the best way to protect yourself against the sins. Prophecy is the gift of God to the person who is eligible.

Prophecy is the process of completing the order of God or God's will, God's prophet get calls from which they understand people's problems and they solve them with the help of prayer prophetic it is very powerful, and prayer normal, it is an interactive prayer in which the prophet answers to their prayers as why the person is suffering from this pain? When he performed against God? And how it can attain salvation from his sin? When the prophet receives answers to these questions that he begin the process of asking forgiveness on behalf of the person. You are lucky because you had the chance to send your intension prayer of Bishop Jordan it means that your intension is full, you only need to believe that your intension will be accepted. E. Master